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By Anonymous
I couldn’t find the shield, so I just killed Miriel
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
It's a shield with pretty bad stats that gives a very useful passive bonus... a passive bonus that still works when 2-handing something else... meaning this is best used by equipping it but not holding it... which results in the shield being placed on your back... this shield in the shape of a turtle shell...

You guys get it, right?
By Anonymous
What if you two hand a twinblade with this?
By Anonymous
i will murder whoever did this to the dog >:(
By Anonymous
Does it stack with the green turtle talisman and or the pickled turtle neck?
By Anonymous
I don't know
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I can't find this shield in my game, I bought Elden Ring for the PS4 and my copy isn't updated to the next version. I went to the spiritspring and went atop the tower to collect the shield but instead of the shield I got Warming Stones from the corpse. Is the shield for the very first version of the game located elsewhere?
By Anonymous
My game is updated, but my tower had 2 corpses. One on each side, one gave me warming stones and the other gave the shield
By Anonymous
Master Roshi?
By Anonymous
Well now I need to do a turtle hermit cos play. Thanks guy.
By Anonymous
Anyone else find it Ironic they picked turtles to be the thing that boost stamina speed?
By Anonymous
Slow and steady always wins
By Anonymous
it kind of makes sense, turtles have high endurance even if not speedy and what is stamina if not endurance
By Anonymous
Despite of fact that this shield is heavier than most of other medium shield it doesn't have 100% physical reduction is kind a shame
+8% stamina regen boost seems pathetic when you compare this to other stamina regen boost tool like green turtle talisman or greenburst crystal tear
at least it looks funny though I better use other shield than this
By Anonymous
But it stacks with those...
By Anonymous
Theres two stamina regen tools, this and the talisman. This stacks with the talisman, the item you mentioned is a consumable.
By Anonymous
Congrats from! You made this shield in my top 10 worst shields in souls games!
By Anonymous
you dare say that about the dog shield
By Anonymous
Needs a domino mask for my Ninja Turtle cosplays. Have to deal with the Bandit mask for now.
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