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By Anonymous
God, i'm so happy this weapon is avaible to the player.
it just looked so ****ing good!
and now that Ashes of War are so customizable, there will be much more needed variety on this weapon class.
By Anonymous
Anyone having any luck trying to get this?
By Anonymous
I got two of them. ;)
By Anonymous
It took about 15 kills but I got one. Seems pretty good!
By Anonymous
anybody have trouble getting this? i killed this guy like 50 times and it wont drop
By Anonymous
It fell out for the 20th time
By Anonymous
never got it
By Anonymous
Partizan is back and beautiful!

Can be farmed in the first soldier camp along the main quest route.
By Anonymous
yeah guys VERY RARE drop rate so if you almostly give up keep keeling this enemy till it drop, its possible, but kinda depends on randomizer
By Anonymous
PS use southern grace spot and shoot an arrow to pull him, then horseback
By Anonymous
Well, seems like i had luck just grinded it for like 10-20 minutes and than discoverd that I already had one :)
By Anonymous
So I did some Grinding.
So just for a rough estimate of how rare this item CAN be.
1/74 = 1,3%.
I dearly hope your luck is better than mine Stranger on the web.
By Anonymous
Played the game on launch and got this twice back to back on my first 10 minutes farming the knight. Decided to reroll as a Wretch and 3 hours in, it hasn't dropped. Smh...
By Anonymous
Is this thing worth upgrading? While it shows as a damage upgrade compared to my Lordsworn Long Sword, I feel like the sword does way more damage?
By Anonymous
Pike is a thrusting weapon, while the Partisan has thrusting lights and slashing heavies. Pike has longer reach. The main difference is the moveset.
By Anonymous
Took me over 50 tries, but I now have a full set of that elite armor, with 5 shields too! Is this better than the pike? Pike seems longer and better for horse
By Anonymous
never ever pick a weapon for horse combat. Because the big bosses you cant be on a horse anyway. Horse is open world movement. keep that in mind to. If all you do is pick for horse combat your going to eff yourself in normal dungeons
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