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By Anonymous
Power stancing 2 of these and use cold infusion.
The stagger of L1s & Jumping L1 can stagger banished knights in farum azula in ng.

By Anonymous
You can perma stunlock all banished knights with just 1 colossal sword doing 2-handed R1s. No need for all the jumping attacks or even 2 colossals.
By Anonymous
Iron greatsword is better for casters of they choose to use it. Only thing zweihander has is reach. Iron great sword has better scaling at end
By Anonymous
wtf are you talking about? You are comparing an UGS to a greatsword? Aside from everything you saying being wrong, the greatsword moveset in ER is very bad
By Anonymous
Iron GS has better damage for less weight. Zwei has nice thrusting attacks, a built in launcher with the 2nd charged 2H R2, and more posture damage
By Anonymous
Comparing only raw AR at an unspecified max level between different weapon classes: tell me you're bad at ER without telling me you're bad at ER
By Anonymous
Ran this through a damage calculator 'cause OP is apparently too lazy to show their work. Astrologer starting class, leveled STR to 19 and INT to 80, a Magic Zwei +25 gets 781 AR while the Iron Greatsword gets 807 -- a negligible difference of 26. Prophet, minimum stat requirements of 19 STR/11 DEX, as well as 80 FAI, Flame/Sacred Zwei +25 gets 758 AR while Iron Greatsword gets 791, a slightly larger difference of 33. To summarize, if you run IGS over Zwei, you're sacrificing high stagger damage, better reach, several poke attacks, and a better moveset overall for 30 damage. I'll stick with my massive sword, thanks.
By Anonymous
Also take into consideration how much easier it is to get the Zwei at the start of NG
By Anonymous
To add to this, if you're gonna be a caster, iron greatsword cannot use one of the best int ashes of war: waves of darkness, which is the best aoe for a mage.

By Anonymous
Ol’ reliable
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
What's all this talk about "trading blows" with this sword, quickstep on a zweihander is never expected and gives you a fast af playstyle with a colossal
By Anonymous
For comparable stat requirements and only somewhat higher weight compared to the more gracile Greatsword class, the Zwei offers a Faith or Int build the chance to swing a huge sword around like a Strength chad. There is no infusable regular Greatsword better than the Zwei for casters, and other Colossal Swords tend to be too heavy and stat-intensive for low-END/STR/DEX casters. It also boasts an impressive moveset, mostly for its rolling and R2 thrusts but also its sweeping light attacks and powerful strong running attack. It's far from its origins here in Elden Ring, but its new niche offers some exciting build potential.
By Anonymous
False. Iron greatsword is better. Only thing zweihander has is reach. Iron great sword has better scaling at end
By Anonymous
yeah 23rd march, that's cool and all but i wanna use an ultra greatswords. that's why i'm here, looking at the ultra greatswords and not greatswords.
By Anonymous
I understand this sword has many benefits in its current configuration, and it is my favorite colossal. But, I do feel like a slight damage or scaling buff is warranted. It does almost the same damage as the claymore on a heavy infusion, despite being heavier and slower. It doesn't need a massive buff, but I feel like it should be doing maybe 30 AR or so more than it currently does, at least on a heavy infusion anyway.
By Anonymous
I always thought that being thr lightest CGS it should have a faster attack speed to offset its low dmg.
By Anonymous
Used it all the way until Radagon because the dude is just too agile and hard hitting, absolutely madlad, I couldn't trade as a tank with this sword.
By Anonymous
You cannot be a tank in souls games, unless with very high effort and even then its not effficient
By Anonymous
What do you mean
Tank playstyle is completely viable in Dark Souls 1
By Anonymous
Skill issue. If you dodge correctly you can even use charged heavies between his combos.
By Anonymous
Anon 1, you cannot be a tank in Ds3 Bloodborne and Elden Ring you mean, tank builds wielding Ultra-greatswords and great hammers are 100% viable in Ds1/2, infact that's arguably one of the strongest PVE builds in those games
By Anonymous
Use this with cold affinity and wear haima or hierodas crown to become a cool dad.
By Anonymous
By far the best moveset of all colossals. R2s can be mixed with pokes, leading to lots of rollcatches. Throw in quickstep or Storm Stomp and you have quite a beast on it's own.
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