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Quickstep + r1
By Anonymous
Still the most metal Colossal sword
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While I still think hunk this sword is good, I think it would have been a whole lot better if it had the same light attacks as the godslayer’s greatsword. Would have made its low attack value compared to the others much more worthwhile for a very good moves set in combination with the pokes.
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I dont understand why people are saying this word is bad, moveset is the same as previous games, good range, good poise damage, having a poke for the r2 i like because doing thrust and slash damage adds versatility. I have found i am able to low level many bosses with this weapon because if you truly know how to use its range you can avoid damage quite well for melee and the low req make it perfect for any non strength build that wants a UG. It may not have a flashy gimmiky weapon art or op damage but it certainly has enough going for it to make strategic sense to use, its not so OP to the point of being a crutch like the blasphemous blade or many others but to say its bad is ridiculous, its perfectly good if you know what you are doing with it, if you are a strength build there are probably better options but for just about any other build it makes allot of sense
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The phrase "Look at how they massacred my boy" has never been more appropriate until now, Fromsoft really got sick of Giantdad huh? Sick of him to the point that they nerfed the once-amazing Zweihander to the ground until it become nothing but a mediocre piece of garbage.
By Anonymous
All the people criticizing this weapon are probably just bad at the game
By Anonymous
The AR of this weapon is laughably low. The greatsword has 113 more AR at 60 str with heavy infusion.
By Anonymous
I could forgive the poor damage output for it's class if it wasn't just as slow as every other ugs, while having the same crappy moveset as the others other than a heavy poke, the poke isn't even worth it since every other one has a poke crouch/rolling attack that is infinitely faster, stop being in denial you fools, Giantdad died and rotted away long ago, this mediocre shadow of the og zweihander confirms that
By Anonymous
Shiva of the East? More like Shiva the deceased!
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If the Claymore had a Bankai…
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