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By Anonymous
Heck yeah, I'm ecstatic for ice getting some love.
By Anonymous
Ice magic is getting so many cool spells this time
By Anonymous
Why the **** is this faith? Ice scaling on weapons is intelligence!
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By Azareis
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Wait till you hear about Gelmir's Fury lmao.
Seems pretty clear that the devs are deliberately trying to diversify the spell selection for both forms of magic.
By Anonymous
if you could read its actually a lightning spell and lightning has always been faith scaling
By Gigamage
Ice doesn't even scale on any weapon
By Anonymous
It a dragon cult incantation like all the lightning spells, which this is also as it does lightning damage but applies frostbite as well.
By Anonymous
There is a third one in the underground roto lake drops the Blue lighting katana
By Sharizcobar
While cool, this miracle is slow to cast and fairly short range for the main strike. It also can’t be used on horseback.
By Anonymous
if the lighting would strike immediatly once you hit the first one that would be a good spell, as of now it's kinda useless
but it looks cool
By Anonymous
Does the floating part of the animation change your hitbox?
By HurtsBruh
Your hitbox follows your character, so you are able to dodge attacks if the attack does not connect. It happens on rare occasions but I have jumped over an enemy attack using this spell.
By Anonymous
It's an ok spell.
By Anonymous
Can completely destroy bosses, especially if you are using a good defensive spirit to tank and distract them when casting. Also very good for large groups even solo since it can travel from an elevated position to the ground below, making it very safe.
By Anonymous
I find the damager to be pretty lackluster for the time it takes to cast and take effect. even when hitting at close range.
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