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By Anonymous
Is casting moon beams faster after patch 1.06?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Hopefully they patched the skip that let you get this early.
By Anonymous
The beams not being able to hit with the melee at the same time is a big flop
By Anonymous
You can hit the charge attack and the beam at the same time, no?
By Anonymous
No, once it's charged it's almost like the r2 on the blade loses its hit box and only hits a single target
By Anonymous
I dunno why many people think this weapon isn't good. You have spammable projectiles and even uncharged R2s do huge damage. It's destroys everything in PvE. In PvP landing R2s can be somewhat tricky but if you do you can basically insta win a fight
By JillLloyd
This weapon feels cool but it feels a bit underwhelming after the long quest to get it. I feel like it doesn't do enough damage for the endgame
By Anonymous
Almost nothing except minmax/bleed builds do enough damage for end game lol
By Anonymous
How much was your char's int? I had 60 in the first journey (50 + talisman + Godrick's rune) and it felt more than enough. By the time got to Farum Azula in ng+ I had 80 int, so I was steamrolling through the place!
By Anonymous
On my PVE-only character that's at level ~240 with exactly 38 int, 50/50 str/dex it's doing just fine in ng+++. Doesn't do well against magic enemies since they're highly resistant to magic, but other than that it's pretty fantastic. That's with the minimum investment in the attribute the weapon scales the highest with, so very sub-optimal...
In fact I'd say this is better than almost all faith/holy weapons for late-game since the last 4-5 bosses are highly resistant to holy. It's more than enough for anything up to the Capitol since the game is pretty much a bore difficulty wise until you get to Mountaintop and beyond.
By Anonymous
Don't know why people are making reference to bloodborne and ds3. This is obviously a ninja blade reference.
By Anonymous
No, it's an Otogi reference.
By Anonymous
I thought it was a reference to "Man on the Moon" by REM. Pretty sure it's an homage to REM...
By Anonymous
"A Moon Greatsword, bestowed by a Carian queen upon her spouse to honor long-standing tradition." Do not let this mislead you into thinking there are a great multitude of Moonlight Greatswords in existence. A closer inspection into the lore, there has only been two Moonlight Greatswords in ER. The first was the one which was given by Rennala to Radagon the Renegade, who would later transform it into the Golden Order Greatsword. The second is the one which Ranni gives to the Tarnished Lord upon their marriage, if her questline is done within a playthrough. Ranni's is also special since her affinity is with the frigid Dark moon, not the Moon that was discovered by Rennala in her youth.
By Anonymous
Well there is most certainly more than two unless you consider two individuals doing it to be a long standing tradition, but I think most people would agree that long standing to be several generations of tradition.
By Anonymous
08 Aug Anon. Rennala is the one who established the Carian line as royalty (Source: Remembrance of the Full Moon Queen), the "Long standing" could be in reference on how long the era of her reign was while she was married to Radagon. There is no reference to any previous Carian royal monarchs. The Carian succession line seems matriarchal, with no reference to Radahn or Rykard being potential heirs to the Carian throne, thus the only other person we can observe who would partake in the tradition would be Ranni. Thats why the original comments said "Don't let this mislead you", because the item description implies that there have been many Carian monarchs engaging in the tradition, thus many Moonlight Greatswords. Reading the lore deeper than just this item description pretty much indicates that there have been only two individuals who could have engaged in this tradition: Ranni and Rennala.
By Anonymous
With the relevant buffs this is a damage-dealing and posture-breaking monstrosity. Cost efficient buff. Looks wonderful too with the buff active on ps5. My only three complaints are that 1) wish the blade was longer and thinner 2) it used the more refined looking moveset of the (banished) knight's greatsword 3) game became a bit too easy after acquiring this
By Anonymous
"Ahh, you ignorant slaves. Finally taken notice have you?
Of the power of my beloved Ocelotte, child of dragons.

Well, I will not give him up.
For he is all that I have."
By Anonymous
That dragon was super lame and annoying dude I killed him first try and threw the SHlT on him and pointed him down to heII
By Anonymous
Perhaps a "weaker" reincarnation of the MLGS.
The BB version needs to buff, but it's a 'toggle' instead of a timed buff (that players have to re-apply) like this one.
DS3 and BB have the best versions of the MLGS yet: DS3's has a cool thrust attack and BB's has the coolest entrance for a weapon.
I guess the Frostbite is the compensation.

I recognize that each version in different worlds is made to be different, but this version seems quite underwhelming that I have to re-buff it every 60s.
By Anonymous
the problem with ds3 MLGS is that it sucks so bad

BB MLGS for the win
By Anonymous
Ds3's MLGS is one of the worst versions besides the poke attack. Bloodborne's combat makes their Moonlight Greatsword much better.
By Anonymous
60 seconds buff time is long enough to be useful and not be frustrating, while short enough for you to be mindful of it. And during this time heavy attacks are amazing when you hit your target with the sword and the wave both, and the wave attacks doesn't cost any additional FP, which makes it ideal for a character who is primarily melee and didn't spend too many points to increase FP.
The only problem I have is that uncharged the heavy attacks look a bit awkward.
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