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By Anonymous
Does this talisman increase lock on distance or just the distance before your arrows despawn? Does it reduce arrow drop-off from gravity?
By Anonymous
Not Lock-on distance... The distance where you can Lock-on is actually greater than any Ranged Weapon. ( However , the Projectile Arrow/Bolt is increased via this Talisman ). You just simply gain like 5-10 points of Range when equipping this Talisman.... Not worth it for me but this Talisman is pretty good with Ballistas mainly , and 1 Greatbow imo.
By Anonymous
None of the above.

It increases the range before certain projectiles get damage falloff.
By Anonymous
Reply to a reply 26th Aug. Assuming I haven't misunderstood, the lock on distance is NOT greater than any ranged weapon. I use bows to proc bleed / poison on the blistered crows and they can close with you alarmingly quickly, they're right on top of you in a matter of seconds. I get a lock on them then slowly back away until I lose it then shoot from the limit of its range and I hit them every time. All the longbows and greatbows land shots at the target-lock's limit.
By Anonymous
I just tested on the Great Glintstone Shard and it increases the damage by 20% or something, upvote for the fellow mages for more testing! cheers!

By Anonymous
It doesn't technically affect damage, period. You probably just got a stealth hit or something.
By Aneasol
Who wrote that it affects Bestial Sling incantation? According to my tests - this talisman has no effect for the spell at all
By Anonymous
For those that might have an issue just reading the instructions of where this is or they are idiots like me, use the map link. The "southwest" word really threw me off where this was when I was cleaning up my missed talismans.
By Anonymous
So its definitely only the kukri that gets any benefit from this then yes? Seems odd it would work for one kind of throwing knife but none of the others.
By Anonymous
I believe it affects the damage fall off for the fan knives as well. I tested on the giant in front of Godricks boss room. At the same spot damage went from 24 to 32 with talisman equipped.
By Anonymous
kukri gets almost infinite range from it, for some reason
By Anonymous
Anyone test it on the Loretta's Greatbow sorcery? Or know a good location to try it?
By Anonymous
Doesn't change it , Lorettas GB and Mastery are 2 of the Biggest Ranged Spells from within Elden Ring. ( There's no need ). Since those Spells are considered purely Magic even tho mimicing a Greatbow Shot... Just tested this also. It seems also this Talisman only affects Physical related Projectiles specifically. ( So even Ice Spear AoW doesn't benefit , altho Spectral Lance and Beast Roar is affected by this since those 2 Skills AoW are Pure Physical Throwables sort of lol ).
By Anonymous
My own testing results regarding Sorceries:

Rocksling - 30-40% increase in range

Night comet - No effect
Comet shard - No effect
Comet - No effect
Crystal torrent - No effect
Cystal barrage- No effect
Gravity well - No effect
Stars of ruin - No effect

Any spell not listed were not tested. I suspect it only increases spells which fire with a parabolic arch.
By Anonymous
Interesting, I wonder if it works with Cannon of Haima
By Anonymous
No , i tested everything with this Talisman.... Actually this Talisman only Affects Physical motion related Trajectory of Objects.... Altho not all of them either. ( The Skill Spectral Lance , Beast Roar gain increased Range altho not Ice Spear since its Ice/Magic... ). Rock Sling is rather pure Physical even tho Casted as a Spell , the Rocks deal substancial Physical & Stance-Damage which is why they are Affected.... However , Stone of Gurranq seemed to gain alil bit of distance similar to Beastial Sling. In the Sorcery Spells only Rock Sling is affected , it seems to be rather an unusual bug or maybe just a Miscalculated Fix prior idk not sure lol. But enjoy.
By Anonymous
Nearly certain that it works with great oracular bubble (spell)
By Anonymous
looking with Yapped rune bear at the numbers in the regulation.bin file it says it's a 65% increase
By Anonymous
Extends the range of black flame as well, supposedly extends any spell projectile that falls vertical in the end like fire sling.
By Anonymous
The only spells/sorceries it effects are rock sling, ambush shard, and the big bubble.
By Anonymous
Indeed. Tested with Black Flame and Giantsflame and it affects both, positively.
By Anonymous
Drastically increases the range for rain of arrows AOW. Allowing constant status affliction while being outside of most bosses large AOE attacks.