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By Anonymous
Hopefully it can boost the Magic Spell as well.
By Anonymous
It wouldnt, cause it already said in the description for bows.
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By Godard
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Does this work with Crossbows too?
By Anonymous
Why TF would this not?
By Anonymous
can confirm this work on crossbows, but the projectile on the bone bolt still ****, significant increase on normal bolt.
By Anonymous
I can confirm this works with crossbows
By Anonymous
Does it boost the effective range of magic?
By Anonymous
Is magic a bow?....
By Anonymous
This talisman is actually EXTREMELY good for bow builds despite not giving any direct stat boost. If I'm not mistaken, the actual effect is that it buffs arrow speed; making hitting moving targets much more reliable.
By Anonymous
This is the only post I've seen talking about this and I'm deeply interested if this is true. Do you have any way to prove this?
By Anonymous
Equip and see for yourself. It increases their range by increasing the projectile velocity. Normally i have to lob shots at a distance, but with this they shoot straight for much longer.
By Anonymous
This Talisman also increases the range of the "Spectral Lance" weapon art.
By Anonymous
Seems like FROM carried over the effect of the Hawk ring had on Binoculars. Seems to increase the max zoom on the Telescope while worn.
By Anonymous
Does this do anything for the jar cannon?