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By Anonymous
Although i like greatswords in general, i really think it wouldn't hurt if the Claymore's poke r2 was the heavy attack of all greatswords, it would make the claymore less unique though so i guess i get why it's exclusive to the Claymore.
By Anonymous
Forget Fia or Ranni, Baemore is the real best waifu.
By Anonymous
Come on now, don't be selfish, share your poke with the other greatswords
By Anonymous
as a greatsword enjoyer this is painfully accurate.
By Anonymous
Ol reliable from demons all the way to elden. Good range? Check. amazing r2? Check. Staggers good with quick recovery (1.06) check. Viable for no hit runs? Check. Whats not to love.
By Anonymous
Ahhh, you were at my side all along
My true mentor...
My guiding ole reliable Claymore...
By Anonymous
fancy looking crutch
By Anonymous
Solid, versatile greatsword with a nice look and varied moveset=crutch is a rather stupid thing to say when things like Rivers of Blood, Fingerprint Shield and moonveil, etc exist.
By Anonymous
My one and true love
By Anonymous
Baemore is love, Baemore is life. I use nothing except baemore. Become Baemore slave.
By Anonymous
Better range, better poke. Papa John's.
By Anonymous
Ah, you were at my side ALL along...

My true mentor...

My guiding Baemore!
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