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By Anonymous
Kinda feel bad for the RoB users. They used to have a cool move to spam but now the only viable thing on this is running R1 spam LOL. Might as well get a poke meta weapon
By Anonymous
I don't feel bad for them at all hahahaha
By Anonymous
It wasn't nerf a lot. RoB is still strong.
By Anonymous
I never even got to use it :(
By Anonymous
Rivers of Blood is still a pretty good weapon guys, it's just that the weapon skill isn't an instant win button now.

Besides, there's at least like 10 other options that are way more broken than Rivers of Blood lol.
By Anonymous
What’s a good choice for a balanced class (42 dea,41 str,33 arc,29 int)? I’m strictly pve and was looking forward to the RoB since I’m a huge katana fan. Using +6 moon veil and a +15 cold uchi at the moment, with the grafted blade as backup for its stagger potential. Also just got the starscourge and am trying that out, while not enough strength for my other new weapon the ruins gs.
By Anonymous
I have a similar class and stats as you and just got the RoB and still prefer the moonveil with the cold uchi, seppukku nagakiba and love the starscourge r1 double wield for breaking poise. I also love the lions great bow with the radahns spear. I’ve also been trying to find a new option, maybe the godslayer once I get enough faith or Eleanor’s poleblade though the damage numbers are kinda low though the move sets amazing.
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By Anonymous
This katana finally went to the menopause phase
By Anonymous
Thats some tasty popcorn
By Anonymous
time to bring out the moonveil and vykes war spear
By Anonymous
meteoric ore
By Anonymous
Toxic pvp community got this weapon nerfed in 1.06 after so much unnecessary complaining. Ruined it for pve players who play by themselves. I can't think of any more of a selfish act.
By Anonymous
The nerfed the weapon from totally bonker to very strong. Can't understand the complains, it is still one of the most potent weapon in the game and one of the best chices against bosses that can bleed.
By Anonymous
I can think if something more selfish: a guy who wants to use a super powered weapon in their personal playthrough of the game, to the detriment of 10s of 1000s of multiplayer players. Screw the experience for the entire PvP player scene, your experience matters more than everyone else combined.
By Anonymous
Why are you all down voting him? He's right.
By Anonymous
PVE purists once again being the true elitists
By Anonymous
This isn’t the only weapon in the game you know. Did you play the game just grab rivers of blood? If so that is boring way to play the game, and I’m a pver by the way.
By Anonymous
Invaders be crying they canyon gank as easy
By Anonymous
I really don't even see a difference and I'm a PVE only dude. Man's overreacting.
By Anonymous
You are straight up ignorant if you think we were the ones being selfish. Spamming that weapon art in boss fights because you're too selfish to learn attack patterns. Spamming it in pvp because you're too selfish to get some honor. In fact you were the ones who nerfed it by abusing it. So congrats you did it to yourself.
By Anonymous
Wtf? You get this item at the end of game “pve” guy. You are a closet ganker.
By Anonymous
Too selfish to get some honor? Haha it’s a game buddy, is it honorable to slaughter thousands of animals for there bones or feathers while letting the rest go to waste lol?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
More like pond of blood. Lololol
By Anonymous
Now that this crutch has been nerfed more people will use the even more broken dual naginatas with bleed and seppuku.
By Anonymous
Nothing was more broken thsn bhs and RoB. Can you dodge 2 guys with naginatas? Yes. Can you dodge 2 guys with RoB.? No way.
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