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By Anonymous
People used to pay real life money for this instant win button pre nerf. Some people are just genuine graveyard ghouls.
By Anonymous
Is it just me or doesn't it gain a damage boost when bleed occurs?
By Anonymous
if you have a specific talisman you can find under Lyndell
By Anonymous
It's the Lord of Blood's Exultation.
By Anonymous
Wish it had the serpentbone r2
By Anonymous
Like it or not...It was the most unique, interesting and a blast to use weapon in the game. Then Fromsoft nerfs it? Way to go, take the coolest most unique weapon in Eldin Ring and turn it into a basic Katana with a ash of war. I get the pvp crybaby's and its pointless need to play pvp. But in pve it helped manage a underleveled player through a tough game not using a walk through. Glad I got to enjoy it in its original state. Made it feel just like the lore explains. Its now a shell of its former self and Fromsoft should be ashamed. I feel sorry for new players as they will never enjoy it as intended from the creator. It was not mindless to use, one still needed skills to win especially at low levels. Rest in peace ROB.
By Anonymous
or you could learn how to make a build and realize that its still an exceptional weapon
By Anonymous
Sir, you're at a wendys
By Anonymous
PvP players never complained about this, it was always easy to deal with. It was PvE'ers and Redditors who complained about this because of bad red man
By Anonymous
Ah yes, very unique. A double slash reskin on a katana with no unique attacks. Cope harder.
By Anonymous
I hate the whole ER mindset of monkey mashing L2 through encounters. It's not a unique weapon. It has nothing unique about it. Even it's skill is just double slash with a little bit of blood thrown in. You want an actual unique feeling cool katana? Try the meteoric ore blade.
By Anonymous
I like how being unique was entirely defined by being overpowered in PVE.
By Anonymous
In pvp it was annoying to see so many people spam this weapon art, but if you got the timing down it was punishable. However, saying this weapon is a shadow of its former self is true, it is now something other than an ash of war spammer. Players now chose this weapon because of its unique qualities that set it apart from other weapons. It is a fire and bleed weapon that allows you to chose which stat you wish to invest in, being either dexterity or arcane, arcane increases bleed and fire damage while dexterity increases raw damage, allowing you to customize this weapon to your preferred playstyle. On top of that, while the ash of wars ridiculous damage has been reduced, it is now used in its more intended purpose, as a ranged weapon art that punishes whiffs and missed ashes of war. On top of that, it rewards the player for being more strategic with it as when you land the ash of war with the actual blade it does increased damage, promoting timing and strategy rather than mindless spamming. Sure the weapon isn't the godlike damage monster that it used to be, but now it has evolved into a more skill based weapon that with practice can still be powerful in the right hands.
By Anonymous
can't get over how ****ing cool the sheathe on this weapon is
By Anonymous
Even after the nerf this actually still a really good weapon. The key though is to not rely on the WA. Treat it like a regular katana, and use the art as mix ups, or free aim to catch people. It also still melts bosses who are weak to fire, and bleed.
By Anonymous
the one based rivers of blood user
By Anonymous
Making a bleed/dex build are we? Put these foolish ambitions to rest, the nerf has smoldered its meager flame.
By Anonymous
LoB’s Exultation + Rotten Winged Sword Insignia + Shard of Alexander + FGMS + Thorny Cracked Tear + Flame Shrouding Tear = “Restored” RoB. Is it a bit much? Yeah, probably. But still pretty cool shredding things with it
By Anonymous
Due to the nerf you actually have to time your use of corpse piler and hit people up close to deal significant damage. I really like where the weapon is currently as when used well it can still be pretty strong just not super OP anymore (Dropped from SSS+ tier to A+). Unfortunately the reputation of the weapon has been permanently tarnished due to how it used to be.
By Anonymous
Hmm sounds like using the weapon actually requires skill now which is how weapons should be.
By Anonymous
Anon the OP legit said they like where the weapon is now. Comprehension is key
By Anonymous
More like rivers of tears
By Anonymous
Make RoB great again, MRGA 2024!
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