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By Anonymous
honestly sad I never got to use rivers of blood. It's nothing like before sadly. Tip for FROMSOFT : don't nerfe, instead buff other stuff to make other builds more viable
By Anonymous
No that is called power creep, makes everything stronger and those items that dont get buffed are ****ed '
By Anonymous
Do you want powercreep? Because that's how you get powercreep!
By Anonymous
This has been my favorite weapon since launch because I love cursed katanas and status effects, but it absolutely deserved the adjustment they gave it. Completely trivialized most PvE encounters.
By Anonymous
lol you want easy mode
By Anonymous
Good riddance. It was a ubiquitous scourge in PvP. EVERYONE was using it. Even strength builds! Any time someone started losing they would pull this out & spam the ash.
By Anonymous
Should be nerfed to oblivion, I hope it does only 1 damage in the future
By Anonymous
Watching L2 warriors who didn’t get the memo that their insta-kill bleed proc button got nerfed to hell is the funniest thing
By Anonymous
Somebody gets it lol
By Anonymous
the most dogshit weapon that every single noob thinks its op, at least pvp
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Took like 1k damage from the first slash last night in pvp. No extra damage. Trying to find out how he did north of 5k damage in the combo without the bleed.
By Anonymous
Still ez mode on pvm and top 5 in pvp. But you actually have to click more than twice to kill a boss or player at this point.
By Anonymous
The skill feels good to use, but the actual blade damage is pretty terrible (even on a pretty optimal setup) and gets carried by the bloodloss.
By Anonymous
Thats the whole point of building in rivers of blood
By Anonymous
It gets carried by the blood loss
My brother in Christ
It is literally called Rivers of Blood
By Anonymous
Still a great weapon for pvp. I pair this with my cold uchigatana and have taken out squads of 3 several times yesterday. :)
By Anonymous
Ah, you were at my side, all along. My true mentor. My FromSoft Muramasa.
By Anonymous
I wish there was a faith-scaling black flame katana to complete the Sekiro reference
By Anonymous
Anon 16 2023 4: 44…. It used to be one of the greatest pvp weapons, but now it’s the weakest pvp weapon… really dislike nerfs… once a nerf is made, the game becomes less fun, wish they never nerfed anything… OH BUT PLEASE CONTINUE NERFING INTELLIGENCE (sarcasm)… they nerfed INT before even officially releasing it
By Anonymous
This was actually painful to read. Wah dont nerf my things! Every single other player hates it but i dont want it nerfed!
By Anonymous
Lol, this weapon was easy mode in pvm and pvp. It was insanely op and only maidenless noobs used it. They honestly should have nerfed it sooner.
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