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By The Sixth Child
How to beat the Grafted Scion in the Tutorial + Reward -
By Anonymous
Since this thing loves its basic 8 hit combo, an easy way to defeat it is to bait it. The first 2hits should miss as long as you move backwards. Dodge the second of the next 2 and keep moving backwards (+left or right to avoid getting cornered) and the next 2 will also miss. Moving backwards and left is optimal bit right works too. Of the final 2, again move backwards for the first but forward dodge the last and attack. 1 attack is safe but you can try a second one after getting used to it. Next up, his high jump and smash attack is easy to avoid by moving backwards and is a safe 1 to 2 attacks. You can punish the scream by dodging towards it during the final second of the attack. When it stands up and attacks the ground, wait for the second part of the attack, a heavy smash on the ground that can be punished somewhat safely (it can cancel out the final part of the recovery animation and attack but 1 attack is safe regardless). While in the buff move, it deals more damage and chips through shields but doesn't last long. When it stands up straight I always stay away cause both of its moves from there felt like oneshots so I didn't try taking advantage. In general, the Vagabond's 100% phys shield is very useful for this fight as long as you only count on it for the random attack that you failed to outspace via moving backwards and although it takes a bit, unless you mess up, this is an easy albeit a bit time consuming way to beat it. And the rewarded shield is perfect for shield users. The best place to face it is around the central ring of the arena (tutorial) since it helps you know how far away from the cliffs you are.
By Anonymous
Any weakness on her?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Fire is her weakness
By Anonymous
it glitched out for me after alt f4 and i didnt go down under 1 hp
By Anonymous
While they are a miniboss - they dont respawn or at least the one in Storm castle doesnt
By Anonymous
Cheesed it by shooting bolts at it from elevator room
By Anonymous
you CANNOT use spirit ashes for the fight at the castle
By Anonymous
btw the castle fight, if you're a sorcerer, you can literally kill him from the elevator doorway. he can't, and won't, enter the archway so literally just stand there and nuke his ***
By Anonymous
Dont even need to be a sorcerer, bow, crossbow and throwables do the job fine for that one if you brought sufficient ammo.
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