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By Anonymous
"Spiked Caestus weighs 0.5 Miyazakis more"

By Anonymous
I gave these things a cold infusion and I was able to straight up punch Crystalians to death. I took off half their health before they were even stance broken. There’s no better feeling than just straight up punching Crystal rock men to death with your damn hands.
By Anonymous
That's because this weapon does strike damage, you'll see similar success against crystalians with any affinity on this weapon.
By Anonymous
btw you can put flaming strike on these. meaning you can have flaming fists. god yes
By Anonymous
It actually has some REALLY nice synergy when used right in PvP. Not even close to as good as endure, but good AND fun/cool none the less.
By Anonymous
I sold it by accident. How do I GET IT BACK?
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By Anonymous
Absolutely decimating the game with these on my Star Platinum theme character - found some good sliders and just punching demigods in the peepee until victory. I cannot believe I didn't try fist weapons sooner. DPS is insane
By Anonymous
the charged heavy attack makes me feel so cool holy ****
By Anonymous
If Miyazaki’s weight is the standard measure of weight for the equipment in this game, that means a) everything must be ludicrously heavy, given that Miyazaki is in all likelihood somewhere between 100 and 200 pounds (I have no clue how much he weighs), and b) the weight of everything in this game may fluctuate wildly if he bulks up or goes on a diet.
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By Anonymous
I used to struggle lifting weights but now that Newton is dead is a cakewalk
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Damn it I need to get back to playing Caestus. I've tried so many weapons but I have such especially fun memories of Caestus, especially the uncharged R2. I remember this time a dog lunged at me and I interrupted its lunge with an uncharged R2 to the face. I remember beating Crucible Knight with R2s and Kicks (whenever he shields you get a free stun with kick). I swear this is the only Strike weapon I actually enjoy using (and one of very few bleed weapons I enjoy too), everything else (hammers and whips) is too awkwardly slow and heavy-feeling. Also Lifesteal Fist is a funny cheese option for anything sufficiently humanoid, you can literally just spam a Crucible Knight to death with it. It's notably a very awkward weapon vs crowds and vs some large spindly enemies (like the deer bosses) so I recommend carrying a bigger weapon or ranged/AOE option just for emergencies but most of the time this is a very strong and very fun weapon. idk if any infusions are worth using besides Heavy or Occult though. It has Quality scaling on Cold/Blood/Poison, and as a low AR weapon I assume it suffers too much from split damage (even after the buffs to elemental infusions) but I could be wrong.
By Anonymous
Personally, I had tremendous success with a Fire infusion on my last Spiked Caestus run. The damage output was extraordinary, to the point that a few combos were enough to tear through most enemies. Even after getting a number of different fist options, I kept going back to Fire Spiked Caestuses, just because others wouldn't cut it, right up until about 60+ strength. Even then, it was pretty close.
By Anonymous
dual-welding charge atk makes u feel so badass
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