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By Anonymous
I feel it was kind of a missed opportunity to put in the vertical r1s from DS2 and DS3 in Elden Ring because literally every weapon in this class has horizontal r1s

The only CS with a unique r1 is the Godslayer's Greatsword, and even then they're still horizontal swings

The weapons i'd definitely give that moveset to would be the ones with a big emphasis in Strength scaling like the Greatsword and the Ruins Greatsword
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By EvilUnicornLord
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Odd that there's almost double the amount of somber stone weapons in this class than basic ones.
By Anonymous
you should check out heavy spears.
By Anonymous
Make sure to carry soap with you if you run into one of these in PvP, you'll have to clean the **** off of you after they finish crouch poking.
By Anonymous
4 int greatswords and not one of them scales well with dex
2 faith greatswords and one scales with dex
By Anonymous
Dissapointed there is no naturally Dexterity scaling Colossal Sword like the Astora Greatsword from Dark Souls 3.
By Anonymous
it wouldn't help. It would just bounce off of the laughable ultra hyper armor of each enemy in ER. If you have any hopes for patches or DLC content...better play DS3 or BB and forget about this.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Zweihander scales best off dex builds
By Anonymous
They absolutely ruined colossal swords in this game. I always loved supersized chunky swords to slam foes with pure strength into the ground, but this weapon class sucks as a whole, except for crouch poke. I tried dueling without crouch pokes, and 3 matches in a row, I could not land even ONE hit. The swings redefine clunky and it’s impossible to hit a skilled player who will easily outspace everything giving them free damage. The crouch poke makes it at least a little viable, but even then it’s very predictable and easy to dodge on reaction. Unsheathe or transient moonlight can also out-trade basically every attack. They aren’t going to re-work the entire moveset, and with every panic rolling scrub complaining about it, colossals will likely get their pokes nerfed soon.
By Anonymous
My guy seriously only did three pvp matches and thought that was a sufficient sample size. Sometimes you just have an off-day or you get unlucky and you get a streak of people who know how to perfectly counter you. Just don't write a whole rage paragraph over why you lost 3 pvp duels.
By Anonymous
the only nerf ultra greatspears need is to make it parriable.
By Anonymous
11 different colossal swords means 11 different ways you can get owned by quick-paced pro VWS dual wielders, don't even bother tards you'll end up eating dust
By Anonymous
Crouch poke once is fine. CROUCH POKE SPAM NOT FINE!
By Anonymous
These need q buff des0eeately to be viable
By Anonymous
Smh these weapons are obviously halberds, considering how much poking and how little of slashing happens
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