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By Rejo
where dragonslayer
By Anonymous
I don't thik this is all of the weapons, there is goota be more than this.
By Anonymous
minor spoiler
By Anonymous
just got him and there is no wiki page???
By Anonymous
1. Where did you find it
2. Poeple are still updating the weapon list
By Anonymous
Beeg Sword
By Anonymous
I saw someone using dragonslayer in a video and the R1's were HORIZONTAL. Please tell me there's a colossal sword with vertical R1's.
By Anonymous
Backstep + attack
By Anonymous
Moveset changes based on 1 vs 2 handing it. Always been that way.
By Anonymous
nope. it's all **** now...
By Anonymous
It's in Iron Pineapple's video, but need the location.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
That scaling is soooo awful omg
By Anonymous
Also missing the guts sword... Its just called "Greatsword" and is found at a caravan by the smoldering church.
By Anonymous
Umm, been hanging out by this church for hours now, is there a time of day or something else I have to trigger to get caravans to show?
By Anonymous
Can you parry these?
By Anonymous
If they're one-handing, or doing a rolling attack, yes. If two handing, no.
By Anonymous
Greatsword in the game
By Anonymous
North of Rotview balcony ,in a treasure convoy guarded by 2 Dog looking T-Rex

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