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By Anonymous
what i wouldn't give for that command grab throw as an ash of war
By Anonymous
A really solid mid game 'git gud' check against a really cool design in a tough setting. I like this one.
By Anonymous
Lightning Spear Does a chunk of damage. Ashed-in Omenkiller Rollo to tank as a distraction, kept my distance, let Rollo gain his aggro, and Lightning Speared him. Repeat. Didn't even get a hit on me.
By Anonymous
+10 Bolt of gransax with Godfrey Icon, Lightning Scorpion Charm, Carian Filigreed Crest, And Warrior Jar Shard makes this boss trivial if anyone is struggling
By Anonymous
He sort of reminds me of the Penitent One lol
By Anonymous
This is a cool boss ngl
By Derpila
Obvious Gael references aside (flowing red cape and the hood, an Executioner's Greatsword, red tinged magic), the second part of his grab attack where he slams his sword down onto you is straight up one of Gael's animations. Noticed it in the gameplay trailer last year and remembered it when I finally got grabbed by him
By Anonymous
I liked this boss he took me about ten minutes but that’s only because I’m level 113
By Anonymous
We need to see Eochaid in a dlc.
By Anonymous
fun boss. stuck close to him for most of the fight. elemer's glue
By Anonymous
very easy if you master parry
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