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By Anonymous
very easy if you master parry
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By theheromachine
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This has gotta be the Barbed Wire Knight from the SGF trailer
By Smartie
If you hug his back he can get stuck in a loop of only doing his shield smash attack which makes it incredibly easy to cheese
By Anonymous
It didn��t worked to me
By Anonymous
After 50% health he might use the same move but cause an explosion so beware
By Anonymous
If you can get behind him, but then he just uses a sword slash. Fk this dude
By Anonymous
Parry his normal sword attacks, R1 after the first parry, then parry the next available strike from him. Do a riposte then a fully charged R2 on him. He should now be at half health, just do it till he dies.
By Anonymous
Half? After an R1, Critical, and charged R2 he was at about 75% for me
By Anonymous
This piece of **** has a grab range of the whole room
By Anonymous
Summon a high health minion. Easy win
By Anonymous
His grab attack has an honestly massive range given the animation. I can't seem to find a way to dodge it without rolling through the animation of the attack, and even then half the time I am getting roll caught because I guess I am just that bad.
By Anonymous
******* boss. Massive aoe thru entire room. Tried with Headless +5 spirit, he killed spirit in like 40s. Can't even pop a flask due to aoe.
By Anonymous
Get better stop coping
By Anonymous
i was raging as well in this fight, but like all others, it can be done.
1.Always stay close. This swordsman really sucks in close range, ironically.
2. it is true that he starts another attack combo before you have time to heal. Elden ring plays like hollow knight in the healing departement. Check moves that leave him recovering for a long while, then heal in between those.
3. grab can feel *******, time that **** right, better to actually count the seconds.
4. In close range there are 2 moves to look out for, both that light his sword in red.
if he holds it vertically in his left= 1 swipe with a 3 sec delay.
if he holds it closer to his body in his right = 2 spin attacks and 1 slam to the ground attack.
By Anonymous
stay close.
ironically enough. swordsman sucks at close range.
By Anonymous
This boss is a giant **** you to anyone who isn't melee.
By Anonymous
Got past him with Olegg +6 and Heavy Uchigatana+15 with bloody slash, +6 Golden Halberd in other hand
By Anonymous
The ultra-strong field boss variant you can find at night in Caelid can be cheesed from range on the horse, he just walks to you menacingly. I would have thought he'd have some anti-horse attacks...
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