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By Anonymous
Missing golden rune 4 in Siofra River, by the second lift (with the gargoyle statue)
By Anonymous
Missing rimed crystal buds x8 in kingsrealm ruins
By malystyk
how do i reset my progress? do i have to do it manually?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
SACRED TEAR (STORMCALLER CHURCH) Your map shows it outside the church. Yet, every video I am seeing shows it inside and I could not find it in the area outside the church based on your maps location. Please advise, and thank you!
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By MilkSlug
summoning pool for Fia's Champions (Deeproot Depths) and post-Mimic Tear grace seem to be missing

similarly, the summoning pool just southwest of Fort Faroth seems to no longer be present.
By Anonymous
missing a rune graveyard in liurnia to the south-west of the "South raya lucaria gate" grace. also missing smithing stone 3's in a gazebo in the woods above "Crystalline Woods" grace
By Anonymous
magic grease missing, on a corpse hanging on a spire in liurnia. east of diallos
By Anonymous
5x stormhawk feathers on the cliff by church of vows missing
By Anonymous
missing 4 tarnished sunflowers in liurnia near the fallen ruins grace
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