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By ComboSeizure
I found a second GOLDEN RUNE (G) in the bushes on Church of Dragon Communion Island. I wanted to update the map but wasn't sure how so I figured this would be the best way to inform the cartographer's.
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By Fexelea
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Updated October 10th 2022

This Elden Ring Map is a complete guide to all Treasures, NPCs and Locations. However, it is STILL a WORK IN PROGRESS!!! We are adding small items and corrections CONSTANTLY, the page "updated" date is not reflective of when we last updated the map since it is independent to the wiki page. How to Help: You can help complete this by editing whatever you know about the game into other wiki pages, or joining our discord to report missing things or errors. We read all the comments.

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✔️ PROGRESS TRACKER: available for VIP USERS ( - All devices. You can mark locations as completed and their icon will change. Progress saves to your account and is visible and editable from ALL your devices! You can HIDE icons by unselected "completed" from the right category list.

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✔️ PERSONAL CHECKLIST: available for VIP USERS. Use the buttons at the top to navigate to your checklist and see completed % for each category. Update Aug 22: We are now working on making the checklist for ALL items including bought and dropped items.

DONT WORRY YOUR PROGRESS ISN'T LOST! We save all progress to our servers. As long as you were logged in when you tracked, it's there even if you don't see it. Usually you don't see it because of caching issues:
1. refresh your page (ctrl+shift+r)
2. clear cache manually
4. Disable Adblock / Privacy blockers if some script isn't loading
5. contact me via DM or (the fextralife account on the server)

⭐ VIP STATUS: VIP isn't instant, it can take 10+ minutes depending on load. Please wait a bit. If you aren't seeing the buttons as your browser may have saved portions of the logged-out version of the map. If this doesn't work please get in touch via dm or, or send us an email.
By Anonymous
Guys, PLEASE, PLEASE, allow us to copy the image with the tags. The Map is huge and we need to check out the items we've already picked up. On the tablet or cell phone screen, with definite marks, it makes the process possible, but I didn't find any way to copy the material in a simple way. Theoretically we will have to print each zoom. EVEN JUST THE MAP IS ENOUGH.
I love you Guys and thank you for the exceptional work as always!!!
By Anonymous
Anyway to fullscreen the map? Thanks!
By Anonymous
thanks you for this map it is amazing i love it thanks for your hard work for the communotie. i have notice that the map fragment the southerne most region is missing if you need the location i have it
By Anonymous
DUDE! (dudete?) thank you very much for your work! <3
By Anonymous
This is great so far, great job fellow Tarnished!
By Anonymous
Laskyar Ruins has a Site of Grace right near it due southeast
By Anonymous
Hey I noticed that you were missing a site of grace just east of Fort Haight in the south part of Mistwood Forest
By Anonymous
thanks for the work. the map is great.
By Anonymous
-190.73437 : 143.97658 golden seed
By Anonymous
-190.73437 : 143.97658 golden seed
By Anonymous
-190.73437 : 143.97658 golden seed
By Anonymous
Death Bird Field boss located Slightly northwest of the Telescope north of laskyar ruins. Only appears at night
By Anonymous
If I may have one suggestion, can underground areas have their own map? And can the map also be ported to an app? I would enjoy that a lot considering how often I���m getting wrecked. Still good work! Very helpful
By Anonymous
Please allow us to close the ads on the left and make it full screen
By Anonymous
Awesome work - but make it fullscreen please!
By Anonymous
Theres a site of grace just a little to the E of Murkwater Coast called the Artist's Shack and it has a painting inside too!
By Anonymous
quick thank you to all the work you guys put in to helping us veterans and casuals alike lmao <3333
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By Mashiro-chan
Is there any idea what "in the future" means? Because imo making it possible to hide markers that you've already completed is an essential feature of this map, given just how much stuff there is to collect.
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By zeeningg
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the sorceress sellen marker does not take you to her page, the marker is called Sorceress Sellen B and it takes you to a 404 marker, there is no edit button for this page for me to attempt to fix it,
By Anonymous
-119.24219 : 73.5 Stoneward Key
By Anonymous
-219 110

there is a boss there called deathbird, only at night. (just south west of the break thru in the west parts of the wall that surrounds the core lands of Castle Mourn.
By Anonymous
-115.94531 : 82.07031 Giant who drops Ashes of War: Giant Hunt also drops Nighrrider Glaive
By HoomanBeanBoi
The map is great! I'm guessing theres no chance a high resolution version gets released by you guys for free use though?
By Anonymous
Don't know if private markers meant this already, but the ability to mark specific markers as hide would be amazing. Then for example I could have all weapons shown but as I find them I can mark them as found and hide those specifically.
By Anonymous
in the Demi Human Forest Ruins there is a shield in a chest. you need Torrent to jump over the wall to collect the Shield of the Guilty. Also when you kill that giant in the ruins you acquire the Crystal Burst Sorcery spell. Didnt see it mentioned on the map. Goodluck to everyone!
By Anonymous
-89.25 / 58 : there is a Magma Wyrm boss, drop 1 Dragonheart. Right behind where he spawned there is the 5th location for iron fist Alexander, after you freed him with the oil pot.( Location: -90.88 / 59.24 ). I hope it helps.
I sadly dont know how to edit wiki pages so i hope someone will read this and add it lol.
By Anonymous
Thank you for the great work!
I have a suggestion, because the game is massive, can you combine some of the info together to reduce the amount of icons laying on the map? For example, instead of clicking every icon laying all over the place on the map, you can just click on a location and see a description of how to get there/solve the puzzle, the boss of this location, and all the rewards(with a short sentence telling where it is inside the location).
By Anonymous
Thank you for the great work!
I have a suggestion, because the game is massive, can you combine some of the info together to reduce the amount of icons laying on the map? For example, instead of clicking every icon laying all over the place on the map, you can just click on a location and see a description of how to get there/solve the puzzle, the boss of this location, and all the rewards(with a short sentence telling where it is inside the location).
By Anonymous
Just north east of outer wall battleground there's a grace point and hermit shack ty for the awesome content thus map you outdid yourself been using ur wiki for years
By Anonymous
Thier is a rune arc on the clifs seperating caelid and the dessert area to the east. you need to climb down a root near the erd tree and thier is a magic giant down thier as well.
By Atashi_Ki
-166.8516 : 164.58594
Catacombs of dead warriors
By Atashi_Ki
-174.5 : 154.03906
There is a hidden wall in the rock. Location - Shelter in Celia
By Anonymous
Hi, there's a boss ( i think is Death Bird his name - i am play in portuguese ) behind of warmaster's shack ( -180 : 104 ). To summon him you need to climb over the structure, full of ruin fragment, at night. He drops the blue feathered branch sword talisman, which increases defense when low on HP
By Anonymous
By the church of repose, on the hill to the right inside the mouth of a skull there is an Ancient dragon smithing stone, please add because you have none on the wiki, also in the Crumbling farum Azula, tfrom the dragon temple rooftop if you jump down, go right, go down the ladder, and then run straight into the dragon at the end of the straight path, the dragon will fly up and disappear and in a little shack to the left there is an ancient somber dragon smithing stone. and lastly, the dragon mini boss when you first get there from the crumbling beast grave bonfire, he drops another ancient dragon smithing stone
By Anonymous
Caelid Waypoint Ruins (Meteoric Ore Blade from Chest)

-184.96094 : 132.79688
By Anonymous
Is there a feature that lets you "check mark" items and events that you've completed? Unless I can't find the button or feature to do so, it would help make collecting and completion immensely easier.
By Anonymous
An entire underground area called Deep Root Depth is only accessible by slaying the 2 valiant gargoyles and riding the coffin near the site of grace (appears after defeating the bosses).
By gdubrocks
Missing summonwater village outskirts bonfire on map. -176, 116
By Anonymous
There is one more Boss in the weeping peninsula in between the Knights Cavalry and Giant with a bow where the big ruin is at.
By Anonymous
Thank you for all of your hard work. This is already excellent.
By Anonymous
That is hot.
By Karew
Since you so graciously blocked the ability to look at the frame in a full tab, can you please add the ability to open this map full screen or hide the site UI?
By Anonymous
Right before the bridge on the right side from bestail sanctum there's a bug that gives you somber Stine 9
By Anonymous
can you guys add a feature so we can track out progress with our fextralife login?
By Anonymous
Hi! Missing the Gaol Cave (I think that's the name), right and close to Fort Gaol. Boss there and a weapon (Regalia of Eochaid) on the way back to Limgrave
By FeralBadgers
not sure if it'd be a help but i have a very, to my knowledge, completed map if youd like to get some screenshots of it or something to help update
By Anonymous
Map issue alert.
"Assassin's Crimson Dagger" from Deathtouched Catacombs is a Talisman but the map has a weapon icon instead.
By Anonymous
Caelid catacombs located slightly east of dragon communion down a hill gaurded by big bird. Statue west of impassable great bridge will point it out
By Anonymous
Gaol Cave in Caelid northwest from Caelid waypoint ruins. Requires two stonesword keys for entry and houses a boss named frenzied duelist. Beating him rewards 6700 runes and back exit holds Regalia of Eochaid sword.
By Anonymous
there are two sites of grace I'd like to add:

Artist's Shack: -182.3 : 113.0
Murkwater Catacombs: -180.2 : 109.5
By Anonymous
Off to the east of where you find Alexander in Liurnia for the oil pot section, if you platform down on the jutting grave stones it will take you to a map marker called Jar Town. It���s full of mini jars dancing and items.
By Niio
cave of the forlorn -69 : 149 misbegotten crusader boss is here
albinauric rise -71 : 147
inner consecrated snowfield site of grace -73.5 : 141.7
perfumer's grotto -101 : 96 Omenkiller & Miranda the Blighted Bloom boss is here
underground roadside site of grace -101.7 : 116.5
leyndell catacombs -103.5 : 116.6 Esgar, Priest of Blood boss is here
forsaken depths -101.4 : 118.9
cathedral of the forsaken -99.6 : 122 mohg the omen secret boss is here
subterranean shunning-grounds -102.5 : 116
By Elgobiernotemiente
Hi, would it be possible to put an option to download the entire map as a high resolution image?
By Niio
stalwart horn charm +1 -78 : 136.8
yelough anix ruins -75.6 : 133.5
By Anonymous
The ailing village has a site of grace just north of there near the cliff edge. BTW I love the map and the great progress you guys are making
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By Pluto Sun
can you make website just for the map? so we can use fullscreen and thanks for map
By Anonymous
This map is a work of genius, well done!
By Anonymous
Can we get this as an app?
By Anonymous
Golden Seed
-219 120
By Anonymous
I found like thirty smithing stones[2] by going a certain path in Stormveil Castle. There's this jump that leads to a massive hidden section; I found more stones than are on the map (the path that leads to the locked door next to the site of grace) I think the jump is between secluded cell site of grace and the liftside chamber one
By Anonymous
There is a site of grace marked as capital outskirts on the path east out of the capital. There is no site of grace there or anywhere along that path until you reach the forbidden lands.
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By zeeningg
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still missing a site of grace at -147.34375 : 61.03125 right below Raya Lucaria Academy
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By Mani
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Thanks, this map is great so far
By Anonymous
There's a camp just south of the Outer wall Phantom tree Grace in Altus Plateau with one of those big root monsters that drop golden seeds when you kill it and also there is a caravan with the Giant Crusher inside, the map coordinates are: -105.75 / 100.07813
By Anonymous
At the Gate Town North grace a death bird will spawn at the first island to the south.
he will drop Ancient Death Rancor Sorcery
int 34 fai 24
By Anonymous
You're missing the 2nd boss behind the illusory wall in black knife catacombs in liurna of lakes
By Anonymous
Down the steps and up the latter from the Haligtree Town Grace, there is a rot grease. the platform behind that has Pearldrake Talisman +2.
By The Gamin Seshion
Just wanted to say, thank you for the discreet watermarks!
By Anonymous
-173, 155 Fort Faroth. Golden Rune (12) found by dropping from roof area in back center/right corner, if you are coming from the chest and dropping down. There is a single rat guarding it on the left as you approach the corpse it is on. Didn't see it on the map
Map is fantastic so far, and I know the awesome tracking feature is going to be added- one thought.. that is more complicated but would be nice, is if quests could be tracked on the map too. More accurate type might be really unreasonable but perhaps simply a little check list or something... Not sure the best way to do it and it sounds hard- but it would be cool!

Thanks for the great map!
-100, 123 in deeproot depths there's a site of grace, only accessible from rolling into a couple illusory walls near the Frenzied Flame Proscription site of grace.
By Anonymous
Hey, the bells should have a bell icon on the map so people can tell them apart from other key items. The believe they are unique enough and provide enough benefits to warrant their own icon.
By Gunzerker
Is progress tracking only gonna be for premium users, or free users can only track a certain amount of things? Or is it gonna be full and free?
By Anonymous
Why dont guys make an app for the interactive map.
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By Xanny69
Incredible progress, happy to see so many involved! Any chance in the future of adding "secrets" or otherwise not discovered by the majority player base?
By Anonymous
it doesn't work now
By Anonymous
its F5 to reload on the majority of browsers, Ctrl + Shift + R is only specific browsers. Also, the way this map is coded is extremely laggy.
By Anonymous
120.80469, 218.83594 Boltdrake +2
By Anonymous
Can you make the default map settings with all the options for icons on the map un-checked?
Because it lags like a mother****er while playing elden ring opening up the map with every icon active.
By Dylan305
bought vip 4 hours ago and still cant load map full screen
By Anonymous
Tbh I���m looking for the haligtree secret area map. There���s a tower or temple I���d like to look up to see if getting shot with giant blue meteors is even worth the time to get to.
By Mmehdija
I became a VIP several hours ago but still don���t see the VIP features of the map. Help!
By Anonymous
You guys are the bees knees!
By Alistor419
If someone wanted to help by adding map links to articles that are missing them, how would they go about doing so? is there a database that lists all the item ids used on the map so far?
By Anonymous
you had the time to write all that but you didn't have the time to fix coordinates .. ok
By Anonymous
Tried different browsers on different OSs but map stays blank
By Anonymous
I found an item that you missed on the wiki. In the Ashen Capital, in the same area as the Valiant Gargoyle and legendary smithing stone there is a seedbed curse.
By Anonymous
Please create the map for us by inputting the information into the wiki, also pay us for VIP features, lmao
By Sareth9419
Thank you Fex <3 With the open world your map is more needed and welcome than ever! Saving me *** in every single souls game!
By Anonymous
Where's the underground areas... and what do you do when the map changes after... you know THAT guy is defeated and the Big Explosion happens and stuff is all floaty and crushed at rhe same time?
By Anonymous
Anyway to put a x marker or something like that to the stuff we already did?
By Anonymous
Best Staff?
By Anonymous
Margit the fell omen is not on the map :P
By Lunu
Could you add an option to tick/untick stuff like this we can keep track of what we already picked up. Thx for the great work
By Anonymous
Where you finds the meteorite staff to like the SE there’s an invader spirt located there
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