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By Anonymous
Morgott knows how to default dance, point down, make a diss track, and teabag all at the same time, the true ash of war for his weapon, which he uses to defeat tarnished emboldened by the flame of ambition
By Anonymous
Why can’t we be friends
By Anonymous
Currently fighting him at lv 40 with a dex/arcane build and he feels pretty challenging. I'd recommend this level to have a nice, satisfying fight with him.
By Anonymous
3 rock slings = stun lmao gg ez
By Anonymous
Everyone is bragging bout how easy he is until we get something in the dlc where they they throw him and mohg at you like godskin duo. The intro will be something like “ foul tarnished I live again and have you met my twin mohg yet?”
By Anonymous
That sounds really cool and funny actually
By Anonymous
Mohg "Behold the TRUE Lineage, of the Omen!"

Morgott "we shall grant you a swift passage to the tree"
By Anonymous
It���s gonna be Friede and Ariandel all over again
By Anonymous
I fought him solo on my second playthrough and I think he’s my favorite boss.
By Anonymous
I really like this fight but he definitely needs a buff 10,000 Hp with barely any absorptions (except Holy) and ok resistances and low poise makes this fight quite easy . If you weapons do any status with his resistances you will proc at least once taking a large chunk out (unless you are using poison for some reason ) . With his absorption you would hit a lot harder as well and two R2 and you get a critical as well . This fight is over very quickly before he could even show most of his moves . This fight still thought if you get reckless thought but if you know what you are doing ( you should because you fought margit ) this fight becomes really easy
By Anonymous
Just watched a video showcasing his model without his attire and holy crap i didn't expect him to look like gigachad underneath that strip of cloth lol
By Anonymous
He takes after his daddy
By Anonymous
This guy is a pathetic joke to mages. Forgot to summon Melania (which apparently was an option), summoned Mimic which was completely unnecessary, got him down to half health with a single Azul and used his transition animation to land the second, killing him.

Came here to see what I missed.
By Anonymous
>This guy is a joke

>Proceeds to use the single strongest magic move in the game.
By Anonymous
I summoned black knife tiche and sat back and watched.
By Anonymous
If you're going to brag, at least spell Comet AZUR correctly.
By Anonymous
For those of you wanting to use Margit's shackle on him, a couple of things: It does work, but be close enough to get some hits in because the effect is only for like five seconds. Pins him to the ground so you can hit him with your biggest attack. You can use it up to three times. Second, and most importantly, it only works in the *first* half of the fight. I used it once and was like "oh cool" then my second try was after he went in to phase 2, and he just snickered at me.
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