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By theheromachine
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Looks a hell of a lot like Margit. Wtf is going on here?
By Anonymous
Yeah also the same. Like I'm surprised that not many pointed it out that he not only looks exactly like Margit, but also uses the same attacks and even has the same personality as Margit. Is he like his twin brother or something?
By Anonymous
Same as well. I'm surprised that not many people pointed out that Margott not only looks exactly like Margit, but also has the same attacks and even shared the same personality as Margit. Like he is Margit's older twin brother or something?!
By Anonymous
Margit was the fell omen. This guy is the omen king, maybe brothers or something idk, could be ascended margit maybe, who knows?
By Anonymous
I think it is him. When you kill Margit he talks about returning or something if i remember correctly
By Anonymous
dude.... Morgoth is Margit. He just introduced himself to us under a different name. Marika always hid him from everyone, so the townsfolk did not know what he looked like
By Anonymous
It is the same person. He doesn't die in the first fight, he disappears stating he will remember the tarnished
By Anonymous
So basically, this is margit's dad.
By Anonymous
Probably same person. Same patterns, same appearance as illusion near capital
By Anonymous
Maybe he is actually Margit? He has same voice, same staff, same weapons(?) and "Omen" in their name. margit we first founght might be just a spirit (like a invader) of him and he was probably enslaved(not sure about this word) by Godrick and this might be why he is called the "Fell Omen".
By Anonymous
A lot of the characters in the game have very similar names for some reason, gotta keep digging into the game's lore
By Anonymous
this is margit. margit fell omen,morgott omen king not too different.
By Anonymous
Theyre the same guy. You also fight Margit again in Altus Plateau he is disguised as some common enemy.

for some reason many characters have 2 names in this game (Spoilers below)

Godfrey/Hoarah Loux
By Anonymous
Morgott? like Morgoth (melkor)?
By Anonymous
How do you get the Seal to get in teh boos fight?
By Anonymous
Get more great runes?
By Anonymous
there are two bosses you need to defeat in the city, accessed by a sneaky little route up the dragon skeleton and then up roots.
By Anonymous
You actually don't. The seal is for the access of another area, the giant mountains. It only breaks after you kill Morgott. To reach Morgott, you have to climb the roots in the city, fight Godfrey, then go the way to the right.
By Anonymous
Put these foolish ambitions to rest.
By Anonymous
Currently on this boss very annoying attack pattern
By Anonymous
As a heavy weapon melee build this fight made me switch to a pure sorcerer :)
By Anonymous
Beat him dual-wielding double colossal swords, it can be done
By Anonymous
Melina the GOAT
By Anonymous
poise can be broken
By Anonymous
Holy, Margit got ripped
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