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By Anonymous
"Endings" page says "It is only possible to get all endings in one playthrough if you save before the final boss." Is it possible to get all endings by saving AFTER the final boss, experiencing each ending, then restarting for the next ending? I don't think I need to point out that final boss is not pushover, and I would like to experience all endings I have earned with that boss fight each time.
By Anonymous
Yes it is. Just Don’t start immediately your journey 2. You can still explore yours first play through after beating the final boss. And that’s when you should make your backup.
By Anonymous
Yes, I did that on PC. The endings are chosen after the boss by interacting with Fractured Marika. So I copied my save after the boss fights and then replaced it to watch each of them.
By Anonymous
Impossible: You can get all Elden Lord-endings and the Ranni-ending, but NOT the Frenzy-ending, if you save AFTER the final boss.
To get the Frenzy-ending, you first have to inherit the flame of frenzy, which locks you out of all other endings.
Meaning, you have to beat the final boss at least twice, once with the flame and once without it - and then in theory save after the final boss to get the elden lord/ranni endings.
By Anonymous
why do the summoning pools not carry over, makes no sense to me
ive been there already in my first playthrough, its not like im beeing summoned to an area that ive not seen before
there is literally no benefit to them not carrying over, its just really ****ing tedious to activate all of them again
By Anonymous
So they still count. You can get summoned to malenia from the start. But the annoying part is you can’t use golden effigy unless a nearby summoning pool is active!
By Anonymous
Some areas I don't want to be summoned in for co-op, but I can't go back and deactivate the effigies. A reset is nice when you went ahead and activated all of them that you found on your first playthrough. Then you can just activate the ones that you want for co-op.
By Anonymous
Rune multiplier for NG plus is so disappointing. The rune multiplier is the only reason you would ever wanna do multiple NG+ cycles over a new character, but even at NG+7 its not even equivalent to the boost given by the golden foot.

I feel like NG+ should give you insane amount of runes so that people who want to get to max level can use this, just like sekiro with 99 attack
By Anonymous
Little bro forgot about the difficulty modifier.
By Anonymous
pretty sure you shouldn't be allowed to reach max lvl
By Anonymous
Oh yeah, so that NG +2 to NG+7 are totally useless with the character already being max lvl? Yeah no thanks dude, its perfectly fine the way it is. Its a You problem.
By Anonymous
Just farm at Mohgwyn Palace it’s not that hard
By Anonymous
The point of ng+ is not rune farming... You are playing thru the game again with the same character so they tune up the enemies to compensate. Unfortunately, the enemies don't really become a threat again until a few cycles through.
By Anonymous
Researched fact. New game+ doesn't make much difference on health for bosses, at least not after +7 (as far as I can say). I searched and saw that Ng+10 and ng+100 has same health on bosses. (%100 sure about Godrick, Godskin Duo, Ofnir and Hoarah Loux. Didn't look for other bosses, ain't thinking that it would be different either)
By Anonymous
ng+ stops scaling
up after ng+7 it's been that way throughout the series iirc
By Anonymous
really lame how theres a ng+ cap, and theres no ng+ specific content like previous titles
By Anonymous
Yeah, don't really want to explore the entire world again just to fight the same boring layout of enemies.. also why put every talisman in the first playthrough?
By Anonymous
"why put every talisman in the first playthrough?"
Exactly, it's not fun to do a NG+..... boring yup !
By Anonymous
The game is already huge. I'm glad you aren't forced to do a second playthrough just to get better talismans. I don't know about everyone else, but my NG+ cycles were typically completely different builds, trying things out at a really high level to see the variety offered by the game's vast array of weapons and spells.
By Anonymous
I appreciate that some bell bearings carry over now but why not all of them? The limited quantity items don't even need to restock, I just want to have all the bell bearings there for completions sake and to still be able to buy the largely useless infinite items if I need to. It just feels annoying and time consuming for no reason.
By Anonymous
I think the idea is that you can get those things again. It'd be pretty confusing to still have the ball bearings but have the shops restock when you receive the same bearing again in NG+
By Anonymous
I missed the Bolt of Gransax on the first playthrough. I just collected it in NG+ and immediately received the legendary armaments achievement. In my case, definitely did not collect all legendary armaments within the same playthrough.
By Anonymous
Except it's on the same character and the game doesn't change at all on NG+, so how isn't it essentially the same playthrough?
By Anonymous
I did the exact same thing. Got the achievement right away.
By Anonymous
With lvl 150 I am starting to struggle at NG+4 late game, bosses are tanky and hit like a truck, well even more so now, wonder if I've reach the a game threshold or I am bottle necking myself, don't know if I should go into NG+5 OR just chill on in the current world, haven't set the thing on fire so everything is pristine.
By Anonymous
Level up some more, i am lvl 220 at journey 1 still, and you can level up pretty fast at the palace approach ledge-road with the farming method
By Anonymous
Yea definitely lvl some more just as someone else said. I bet being on NG+4 is pretty difficult for you being at only 150. Also Kinda impressive you even made it that far. Im lvl 170 and i havent even hit my first NG yet but just beat the last boss.
By Anonymous
I was level 193 going into NG+

Definitely hang in +4 for a while.
By Anonymous
You're pretty much underleveled at this point. The recommended lv for end game at NG is 150. So for NG+ it must be greater than that, and by a lot
By Anonymous
That's too low, I'm on NG+3, level 255 with 60 vig and enemies hit like a truck already.
By Anonymous
I’m on NG+5 stuck on Melania and Elden Beast. I’m lvl 256. Tried them both over 40 times now. Just stuck.
By Anonymous
Might want to tune game a bit and get the levels up
By Anonymous
How did you get to NG +4 and only level 150? I’m lvl 190 and haven’t even beaten the game yet. And I still get my *** handed to me at 60 vigor
By Anonymous
I know it's just a me thing, but I wished the maps would reset upon NG+. It's kinda overwhelming and disorientating to have the whole map filled out before you even go anywhere
By Anonymous
Honestly I like the map not resetting, it let me know if I entered a new cave that I didn't in my last game or not
By Anonymous
It does make it harder to keep track of where you've already gone on the playthrough, slightly annoying for people like me who always tends to go for all bosses.
By Anonymous
There is a grace near just about every location. Use this as a guide to where you've been.
By Anonymous
Wish I talked to ria
By Anonymous
Are merchants' bell bearings moved or lost after going to NG+?
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