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By Anonymous
I wish you could equip 1 sorcery to a staff like an AoW, that would be extra to the sorceries you have memorized. It would mean it can’t be equipped to your memory slots though, and could only be used as a the skill for that staff.
By Anonymous
Or just guve us more ash of war that can be equipped to staffs
By Anonymous
Rogier sells 2 ashes of war which are basically copies of the 2 sword sorceries in Stormveil castle.
By Anonymous
Or a cute lil magical heavy attack to weave in between magic or finish off trash mobs for 0 fp instead of a *bonk* R2
By Anonymous
I find it funny that an astrologer can't even wield either of the primeval glintstone staffs due to their strength being THAT low.
By Anonymous
These should get more ashes of war, but reasonable. Endure would be nice for staves
By Anonymous
For anyone wondering about which staves to us at high int (around 70 ish )
Carian Regal Scepter --- for general purpose
Lusat's Glintstone Staff --- does 10 % more damage than Carian Regal Scepter for 50 % more FP cost
Azur's Glintstone staff --- is around 9 % faster for 20 % more FP cost
Each staff that has passive boost performs better than Carian Regal Scepter for that specific group of sorceries
Crystal staff is slightly better than Rotten Crystal staff
Prince of death staff starts properly scaling at 50 int and 50 faith
By Anonymous
The passive boosts apply if the staff is held, doesn't have to be the one used so really the only contest at high int is the carian scepter or lusat's
By Anonymous
Just want to point out that the scaling shown here does not reflect the scaling you will get at different levels at all. I saw Glintblade staff here was much higher than the Demi-human I had been using, so I pumped it all the way up to the same +10, only to find it still does 10 less sorcery scaling. My int is 27, for reference. A post farther down here suggests the demi-human has best scaling until int 40. Don't be like me and waste your stones!
By Anonymous
Carian Regal Scepter should be listed after Carian Glintblade Staff (as of v1.05).
By Anonymous
Carian Regal Scepter is not listed here.
By Anonymous
It’s literally the fourth one
By Anonymous
What community demand for "staffs"? It should be staves.
By Anonymous
Maybe, though "Staffs" is more common and correct than "Staves".

The "ves" instead of "fs" at the end of words came from J R R Tolkien when he changed the word "Dwarfs" to "Dwarves", referring to fantasy Dwarves and not real life Dwarfs.

Though in this context you could argue that as this is a fantasy setting you could differentiate magical Staves from herding or walking Staffs.
Though I disagree.
By Anonymous
Wish there was a staff that applies frostbite, or at the very least buffed cold sorceries.
By Anonymous
Use rannis hat
By Anonymous
The variety of ashes in this game had the potential to make staff gameplay so much more dynamic it's actually sad to see them overlook it. Same goes for bows too, still such wooden combat for a 2022 action rpg.
Staves having access to things like Loretta's slash, storm blade, waves of Darkness, thunderbolt, golden land, earth shaker, eruption, black flame tornado, ice spear, wave of destruction, gravity bolt, Onyx Lords Repulsion among others could have been incredible to keep gameplay reactive and fresh instead of stand at range like a chess piece and turret until the blue bar is gone.
By Anonymous
Clearly you’ve never used the regal cepter
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By HealerUwU
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Perhaps save some for the seals?
A healing/buff skill should probably go on the Sacred Seals, not the staves ŌwŌ
By Anonymous
Of course I've used the carian scepter, it's the only one with an ash of war. You've kinda missed the entire point of the post though, one decent combat oriented ash of war does not equal the variety which I listed above.
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