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By Anonymous
At 60 int, +24 Carian Glintblade Staff barely outperforms a +9 Carian Regal Scepter ( atleast with Carian Slicer, Piercer, and Cannon ). I think the Glintblade still places higher than the Scepter in damage, as it has 298 sorc scaling at max level while the scepter has 287. Lusat staff is still the superior to both, having 314 sorc scaling at max level. All 3 also have S scaling in int when leveled. Thought I should pass this information here since I'm testing them for my own build.
By Anonymous
Keep expecting them to add a bit more flair to staffs and the closest we get is a watered down version of rennalas spinning weapon. Better than nothing! But if we could cast with R2 and use an R1 combo attack where you wield the staff remotely at mid range to deal some phys / magic dmg before it returns to your hand would be nice to allievate a bit of FP pressure and allow people who only want to use a staff to do so, instead of being a staff + an obligatory off hand because you're scuffed if you're out of FP.
By Anonymous
Disclaimer: I adore this game and recognize this is probably a technical limitation, but still:

Can I just say how dumb I think it is that if you’re two handing a staff, then of your four attack buttons: two will perform the same physical attack with the staff (pointless), one will block (pointless) and only one will cast spells? Meanwhile we need to frantically spam up on the dpad if we want to do anything more than spam the same spell.

How cool would it be if you could, let’s say, twohand a staff and set R1 to a glintstone projectile, R2 to carian greatsword, L1 to thops barrier (like blocking) and L2 to full moon or Rykard’s rancor? It really doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult to implement, and it’s all stuff you can do already if you have the button pressing execution down. It would go such a long way toward making spell casting “feel” like it should.
By Anonymous
You're right, but it's so much worse on the PC - can't even bind flasks to specific buttons. UX isn't FromSoft's strong point, never has been; that's why the camera is your #1 enemy in all FS games.
By Anonymous
In Nioh 2, there is a casting system where spells (and consumables) can be assigned to the D-Pad directly, e.g., hitting up on the pad will have you perform the spell you've assigned. They also use the system where holding Y opens up a second D-Pad assignment, in the same way that it works for ER, except that you can also assign spells here. So in principle, you can assign 8 spells this way. I personally found that it works far, far better than ER/DS approach.
By Anonymous
User Interface is hobbled by catering to controllers. Which makes PC KBM even worse. I'm waiting for UI mods to do just what you are asking.
By Anonymous
im doing an RL1 sorcery only playthrough. what staff would be best, since you can only get to a maximum of 41 int. seems like carian glintblade has higher scaling than demihuman staff at that level but i might be mistaken.
By Anonymous
demihuman queen staff is better in general, not outclassed by any stafff. even at 41 int it has the exact same sorcery scaling as academy glintstone staff. so in case youre doing an RL1 mage run demihuman is the best, but i doubt anyone is doing that.
By Anonymous
Death staff is only 10% bonus
By Anonymous
After some testing if you have 2 lusat staves equipped you will only get the damage boost from 1 but the fp cost will increase from both but if you equipped 2 carian regal scepters you can get the damage boost from both making full moon spams do crazy high damage with nothing but 1 staff equipped no talismans or armor I did 1006 damage with 1 full moon but with 2 of them I did 1478 damage that's almost 50% more damage so throw in a couple talismans you get the frost status effect and if there's any armor sets to boost this attack this could potentially hit for over 4-8k per cast with the right buffs aswell
By Anonymous
thats because the lusat description is very misleading. its not a passive, it just has high innate sorcery scaling, you don't get bonus damage only high scaling.
By Anonymous
Punctuation is pretty cool too!
By Anonymous
Does Prince of Death's really boost Death sorceries by 30% could I do a lower level necromancer with only slightly memed up stats if I specialize in mostly awful spells?

But it'd look cool
By Anonymous
wiki's wrong, POD only boost 10%death sorceries , you can still wield it in your off hand and gives your main hand casting the boost though. Also POD is for high level, it's useless if you want to use it to cast spells at low level.
By Anonymous
Yes. Ball Bearings exist for unlimited weapon upgrades. The highest tier Ball Bearings are available if the game is 7/8 completed and you can get to the Azalea Farm or if you fall for the NG+ concept and have already upgraded your items. Otherwise, smithing materials are very limited on first or regular play through, and the Meteorite Staff is still the ONLY staff that STARTS with S scaling on ANY attribute and doesn't require a 50+ Int to use.
My last (eff NG+ ****) play I got it at level 4 Wretch with some fancy riding.
For general builds or <200 levels the Meteorite Staff can't be touched.
By Anonymous
You're wrong. Meteorite is best up to 60 int, which a dedicated sorcerer will reach by mid-game. By level 130 you can easily have 99 int and enough materials to fully upgrade a staff or several, at which point Carian scepter or Lusats will vastly outperform meteorite. It's great early on but nobody should be using it late game.
By Anonymous
L + ratio + you misspelled bell bearing
By Anonymous
No cold boosting staff?
By TheDigitalPhoenix
There already is an item that boosts cold sorceries, the Snow Witch Hat.
By Anonymous
Isn't the plural of "Staff" "staves"?
By Anonymous
The evolution of language is driven by populism and colloquial use. So yes, formally, but formality cannot stop the tides.
By CommonCents
Both are acceptable, and everyone knows what "staffs" are. The same can not be said for staves.
By Anonymous
Yes, but most people aren't that literate. The page owners chose to value popular opinion over fact.
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