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By Anonymous
Highest scaling staff with 99 in all stats and Max lv staff is Prince of death staff has A int and faith scaling and D strength at 99 in all makes it 448 sorcery scaling second is lusats at 430 scaling then Albinaurics at 400
Carian regal scepter at 388
Crystal staff 382
Rotten crystal staff 379
Azurs glintstone staff 376
Academy glintstone staff 373
Astrologers staff 367
Carian glintblade staff 364
Glintstone staff AND Carian glintstone staff both 355
Staff of loss 352
Gelmir glintstone staff 340
Diggers staff AND staff of the guilty both 328
And last and lowest scaling the demi human queen's staff at 325,
That's all 15 staves in the game again at Max stats 99 in all attributes and all Max level weapons lv 25 or 10.
If anyone has any higher numbers please let us know how you did it
By Anonymous
My bad typo not 15 above is 17 also I forgot the meteorite staff at 292 sorcery scaling and this is the only staff that cannot be upgraded, so that makes 18 staves.
By Anonymous
I���m honestly pretty shocked the Crystallian staves are so close to the Regal Scepter in power. I had no idea they were that strong
By Anonymous
using I have figured out this:
Glintstone staff has no worth and astrologers has a tiny bit more worth but still manages to be worthless, demi human staff is a better early game staff then both considering their all obtained early and demi human has just better scaling.
meteorite staff is also a very good "early" game staff for the simple fact that you cant upgrade it but it having a high scaling allowing you to leave all other smiting stones for your other weapons.
(with the expectation that all staves are max upgrade level) here are the best staffs for Sorcery Scaling:
Demi human staff is the best staff from 10-40 INT above that is the academy Academy Glintstone Staff between 42-68 INT and then Carian Regal Scepter 69-80
Lusats is the best pure damage wise from 52 and onwards (that is its minimum requirements) although with the huge downside of 50% more fp consumption while casting spells
at all levels most (if not all) boosting staffs are equal to or better then their non-boosting cousins.
Albinauric Staff is your best and only choice for arcane scaling and supposedly increases bleeding build-up on sorceries but not frostbite (from why???)
from my findings Lusats DOES NOT increase spell damage for other staffs when using Lusats and another staff but does still retain the fp increasing side affect (tested on 1.04.... WHY)
Boosting-staffs DO INCREASE damage for the off hand staff (not tested on all boosting staffs).
By Anonymous
Demi human staff is actually a terrible staff you should be using the meteorite staff until you can upgrade a better 1 the meteorite is equal to the demi human staff at level 20 with equal attributes and meteorite is still better because it has a passive effect so if you have the mats to upgrade a weapon to level 20 make damn sure it's not the demi human staff that is in the bottom 3 worst staves in the game look at the comment above if you want a reference for best staves lusats staff can be obtained pretty early in caelid and I think it is the best then Prince of death but that's a late game staff but if your set on upgrading a staff early go for the academy glintstone if you don't have it next best is astrologers staff
By Anonymous
Lustats staff doesn't actually buff the spells, it just has a really high natural scaling, IIRC. It's gotna really high spell buff scaling, and the special effect that it costs more FP. The text is misleading.

Use it in your main hand to cast with, and use a specialty staff in the off hand that actually has a type-specific buff you want
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By Anonymous
Just Curious on What the best Staff is for a Strength/Int build, with 50 int and 50 strength right now. Still using Meteorite. I can fully upgrade any staff. Is it Lusat’s or Azur’s staff?
By Anonymous
Lusat's has the best scaling. The scaling numbers (at +10) are as follows: Lusats STR: 75 INT: 330, Azurs STR: 75 INT: 276, Rotten Crystal STR: 75 INT: 279, Crystal STR: 75 INT: 282 It's definitely Lusat's, but if you don't won't the extra effect it has, then the Crystal Stafff is a great alternative.
By Anonymous
if you are going to stay at 52(lusat's requirements)int, lusat has best scaling but with a cost, second best is academy glintstone staff. That's for general spells. But if you are mainly using certain kinds of spells like night comet, staff of loss will outperform lusat.
By Anonymous
I'm a level 49 newbie with all stats around 20 except faith and arcane. I'm using a carian knight sword and the meteorite staff.....really confused if and whether to upgrade the demi human queen , carian glintstone or academy staff right now.
p.s - if someone also knows of a better longsword than the one I'm using, just let me know guys.
By Anonymous
What you want to upgrade depends on what you want to achieve (and how much you want to invest).

Dabbling in Gravity Sorcery, specifically Rock Sling as a ranged option, with minimal investment? Meteorite Staff.

Making the most of low Int in the long run? Demi-Human Queen Staff.

Making Int one of your (if not your one) main stat? Academy Staff.

Carian Glintstone Staff is an alternative if you, for example, want to make Carian Slicer your main weapon.

Depending on your targets with INT, a buffable weapon (so raw physical damage) would be best. So regular longsword (or even bigger weapon), Demi-Human Queen Staff, Scholars Armament and 20 Int could work well, for example.
By Anonymous
just found the meteoric ore +5 it better and more fun than the carian knight sword....sady not buffable
By Anonymous
Meteorite staff is better then most staves until they are over upgrade lvl 20 so stick with meteorite until you can max level 1 the academy glintstone staff sounds like your best choice right now unless you need to boost specific spells
By Anonymous
Where is Carian Regal Scepter ?????????
By Anonymous
Carian Regal Scepter is one of the two Exchange items from Rennalas Remembrance
By Anonymous
It's Rennala's boss weapon
By Anonymous
The Carian Regal Scepter weapon can be found at the following location:

Obtained when unlocking the Remembrance of The Full Moon Queen's power by handing it over to Enia at Roundtable Hold.

Click the item for the page that includes the information including where to get it.
By Anonymous
Not sure if it was posted or mentioned before but dual wielding is a thing for the passives buffs so take that into account if your into calculating/optimization lol
By Anonymous
From dropped the ball with staves only being able to use spinning ash and no skill.

We couldn't have Glintstone Pebble or Carian Slicer as additional ashes?

It also hurts that there isn't a single weapon or ash that allows weapons to cast spells.
By Anonymous
The spinning ash is actually REALLY good, have you tried it?
By Anonymous
Obviously the scaling is funky (coming from attack damage and not INT/sorcery scaling), but I consider Thunderbolt and Flame of the Redmane to be "spells" from Ashes of War :)
By Anonymous
Could someone please edit and correct the order of the staves list? Several are mixed up, for example, the the Demi-Human Queen's Staff and the Digger's Staff. Are swapped.
By KramitTheFrog
All done, they are now in the correct order as shown in the player inventory.
By Anonymous
Does wielding two of the same staves that provide a sorcery boost? double the boost? If I use two meteorite staffs do I get a 60% boost, or does it remain at 30%?
By Anonymous
You are using only single staff to cast, depending on used button, and staff only boosts spells casted with it.
By Anonymous
They stack.You get 1,3*1,3
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