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By Anonymous
Can all magical/gravity ashes be usable on staves please, Waves of Darkness on a staff would be incredible.
By Anonymous
"Carian Regal scepter" should be listed between "Carian Glintblade staff " and "Albunauric staff"
By Anonymous
It's rather infuriating that I can't put bloodhound step on a staff. I have the speed so why not?!
By Anonymous
The amount of ���toxic noob��� you���re radiating with that one sentence is groundbreaking.
By Anonymous
I do not like bloodhound step in pvp, but I can't help but agree that a mobile mage would be cool. Quickstep, Raptors of the Mist and *sigh* Bloodhound Step would make for interesting mage abilities. More appropriately an Ash of War for Terra Magica would be great. That or a bubble shield or Thop's Defense. Parrying would also be appropriate, as staves are good at that in martial combat.
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By Gilder357
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Off hand, a Crystal Staff, and Main hand something fun like a Clayman Harpoon, then put Bloodhound Step on it. you've got a nice int scaling weapon, with mobility and a great spell set to boot. Roll with Staff of Loss and Meteoric staff for the damage bonuses. and you're done. Rock on Crouton.
By Anonymous
Be cool if wearing any glintstone crown changed the "whacking" melee attack of staves into a headbutt (like some enemy sorcerer NPCs do)
Wouldn't even care if they did trash damage, it'd just be hilarious
By Anonymous
Damn they are all ugly and dorky
By Anonymous
What about Azur's?
By Anonymous
i've never touched sorceries before. So what's the best staff for lategame?
By Anonymous
The academy glintstone is the best between 41 and 69 INT if im not mistaken. After that, Carian Regal Scepter is the strongest. There's one better than those two but it increases your FP cost by 50%, its the Lusat staff. Not always useful but really strong.
By Anonymous
Carian Regal Cepter
By Anonymous
Not the best staff per se but to my knowledge the highest consistent dps build would be to dual wield Staff of Loss. The bonus for invisibility sorceries stacks multiplicatively, giving you a 69% damage boost for Night Comet. It's busted.
By Anonymous
Lusat glintstone staff
By Anonymous
or carian regal scepter
By Anonymous
Wtf is up with the Notes section of this page? And what the hell is this about an admin acting like a spoiled child all of a sudden?
By gdubrocks
This page used to have excellent scaling information for both min and max level staves at levels 20,40,60, and 80. However some admin vandalized the page and then locked it so that people couldn't add that information. Why?
By Minuslee
A little annoying the int/faith staffs are late bloomers. Golden seal at 45/45 isn't far off from an 80faith erdtree seal. But these staffs at 45/45 are over 100 less scaling than carian regal at 80int. Freaking academy staff has almost as much scaling for half the stat investment :/.Hope they get rebalanced so they have decent scaling at lower stats.
By Anonymous
I've noticed these weapon category pages always list the weapons in the order they appear in your inventory. Just want to point out Carian Regal Scepter is misplaced here. In my inventory it is between Carian Glintblade Staff and Albinauric Staff.
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