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By Anonymous
Witch’s Glintstone Crown also boosts arcane by 3
By Anonymous
in final fantasy 8, if you boosted your luck too high, you overshoot the maximum luck threshold and can't acquire certain drops. it seems like that's happening here sometimes. i've never gotten the serpent flame sword. got the flame monk blade quickly without maxed stats. i'm just listening to podcasts and farming the same two serpent dudes after readjusting my arcane to 99 and boosting my discovery to 324.
By Anonymous
The mask of confidence also boots arcane by 3 so it can help with the drop rate
By Anonymous
Silver Tear Mask boost arcane by 8
By Anonymous
These drop rates are cancerous lol what is this a gocha game?
By Anonymous
I think From really screwed up with farming in Elden Ring. In Dark Souls 3, you had more items that boost item discovery, they were more effective and more easily accessible. Moreover, most armor sets and weapons didn't require farming and were available for purchase after a certain point in the game. In ER? Almost nothing is purchasable, and you have to FARM consumables that boost item discovery. That's ridiculous, farming to make farming easier? And even if you do, you get about half as much item discovery as you could get in DS3. I wish they address this issue in future patches and DLCs, right now farming is very frustrating
By Anonymous
What are you trying to farm?
By Anonymous
Discovery? More like F—kery
By Anonymous
The Albinauric Mask increases Arcane by 4
By Anonymous
Took me 2.5 hours to farm 2 of those blades at 274 discovery. Got 14 Man-Serpent shields in the meanwhile, a whole mine worth of volcanic rock and a bunch of Albinauric Bloodclots (you can agro face eater by making noise while riding elevator up).
This item has only 1% drop chance at 100 discovery. So it is very hard to get. . .
Tips to make a special farming build before NG+ to farm rare drops:
- Silver Tear Mask (+8 arcane)
- Grafted Blade Greatsword (+5 arcane from weapon art)
- Rune arc + Godric Great Rune (+5 arcane)
------ Total +18 arcane from gear and 81 arcane of your own.
Silver Pickled feet for +50 discovery to run at maximum 324 did not seem viable, since they cancel out with fast travel. To keep foot buff you would need to travel down the elevator towards the grace. This saves you seconds on resetting the elevator, but then you loose much more traveling back. Just did not seem viable in the long run.
Now I got the blades which I probably will never use, LOL :D
Good luck farming everyone!
By EldenNoob69
Silver tear mask +8 arcane
Godrick rune +5 arcane
= +13 discovery rate.
By Anonymous
And the grafted sword of swords also gives +5
By Anonymous
the marais mask increases item discovery, btw
By Anonymous
So does the Silver Tear Mask
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