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By Mani
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Surprised Rivers of Blood isn't a keepsake since I see it everywhere
By Anonymous
if it's so good you should use it
By Eruprism
Ok for those who just started the game and don't know what to do yet, as well as not having prior knowledge about souls game. These options are not really game-changers, their usefulness is mediocre and all of them can be found later in the game, some probably become more useful once you know what to do with it. But for the sake of pure practicality, here's my opinion on each of these items:
- Crimson medallion - Quite useless because it only meagerly increases your max hp which doesn't impact your early-game because you start with very low hp anyways, there are upgraded versions of this talisman which can be found later you might be keen of using instead
- Lands between runes - One of the higher tier because you are able to level-up a bit earlier and buy stuffs from Kale that can give you an edge in exploration, crafting and equipment stats
- Golden Seed - Despite the fact that there will be a cap to how many flasks you can keep, an extra flask at the very beginning makes quite a difference especially if you're a caster or simply dying too much while learning to the surrounding enemies
- Fanged-imp ashes - Mid tier. When you get your bell-bearing, the lone-wolves ashes proves to be more effective, I know more skillful players can make better use of the imps, but you won't find them very reliable fighting strong mobs or bosses.
- Cracked pots - Mid tier, I doubt any new player will find an immediate use for throwing pots. By the time they do, there should be other ways to get them without getting regretful about not picking them as keepsakes.
- Stonesword key - Low tier. The item itself is useful, but most people will be drawn to use it on the Fringefolk hero cave at the very beginning and this area isn't friendly with low-level starters and might find it very frustrating to explore. By the time they're ready, they should stock at least several of them to get through the statues
- Bewitching branch - Mostly useless early game mainly because of its consumable status, there's a very good chance ppl will waste it or simply don't know what to do with it, even in later stages of the game, the use of this item is very optional
- Boil prawn - Low tier, same reason as the above, there's a merchant you can buy this indefinitely later anyways
- Shabriri's woe - Low tier, single players may have no use for it. It can draw aggro to you if you're playing with friend, but this isn't really something anyone think of when they just start the game by themselves
By Anonymous
TBF, the super early hero���s grave has the dragon communion seal in it (not from the boss) so the keys a useful for an arcane caster
By observeroftime
The golden seed is probably the safest bet, as anyone starting a new game can do with an extra flask (almost) right out the gate. This makes the biggest difference starting out IMHO.

Lands between rune is nice for some extra early levels, and is probably best if you know what you're doing. Getting a couple of levels early can really make a difference regarding equipment choices, though it's not something indispensable (you can simply farm the runes early on and go with the golden seed).

Stonesword key is great for experienced players, as it allows for early access to a 0 weight sacred seal via the Fringefolk grave. No bossfight required for that one. Technically not required though, as you can always come back for it later when you have an abundant supply of keys.

The rest is mostly whatever. Cracked pots are especially head-scratching, since the player will not have access to the vast majority of pot recipes at the start.
By Anonymous
Stonesword key x 2 is the best. Then just get help with the first dungeon and you get a golden seed in it. Best option if you know someone who can help you with that dungeon.
By Anonymous
In the same time you do that you could just run around collecting other seeds.
By Anonymous
FANGED IMP ASHES is the best
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
class: wretch
keepsake: none
By Anonymous
This what I started with because I completely forgot to choose a keepsake after spending so much time tweaking my character’s appearance.
By Anonymous
Yeah the keepsakes are nothing special but I think thats the idea. Back when there were "special" keepsakes, it basically forced you to pick them over everything else. Illusion of choice.

Some are better for your very first run (probably seed as you wouldn't know where to get any others if you just started game) and others are better on new characters when you know you have to beeline it to some item and you need X stats to wield it and maybe the 3k gets you there immediately, or the key lets you grab something special quickly.
By Anonymous
Technically there IS a special keepsake. The Lands Between Rune is the only thing with that name, so if you are a collector, it is the only option.
By Anonymous
Arguments about how useless most of them are, just pick the free 3k runes, cash is annoying to get early and 3k is really useful, golden seeds are easy as hell to find and it won't do much later on because of the increasing cost
Stone keys is handy for quick fringefolk grave which has nice stuff, but you only need 25 for every spot in the game and there's almost 50 available

TL;DR Rune>Keys>Seed>other ****, 3k isn't something to scoff at (but then again you can get 80k in like 10 min if you know what you're doing)
By Anonymous
Or 6 mil in an hour. If you look in the right place your tune counter will be “soaring”
By observeroftime
I'd swap the seed and the rune. Having an extra flask right out the gate when you don't necessarily know where to find more right away is pretty useful. 3k runes on the other hand can be farmed relatively quickly even in early-game areas (Agheel Lake South). Cost for flasks only increases after your 6th flask, and even then, one extra seed gives you your 7th right away, instead of having to find 2 for your 7th. If you're a collector, pick the rune for sure though, as it is the only one of its kind in the game, and can't be obtained by any other means.
By Anonymous
or alternatively use the portal to Dragonbarrow and stealth attack the Vulgar Militants there. They give you 1k each
By Anonymous
Just choose anything you want, you can get all of the item very very early anyway, so it is up to preference.
By Anonymous
Personally I do believe the Golden Seed is best if you're planning to go for a Caster or Semi-Caster so you can get 1 more Mana flask without dipping into your HP flasks at the start of the game. For any Melee Classes I like the 3 Cracked Pots since the bombs are great if you don't want to rely on mana to much. Just my personal opinion...
By Anonymous
Agreed, most of these are pretty low impact I think.
By observeroftime
You can not get the lands between rune any other way, so if you're a collector, picking the rune as a keepsake is the only way to obtain this item. Everything else on that list though can be found at a later time.