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By Anonymous
I can't wait to get serviced in Roundtable Hold.
By Anonymous
Looks promising. Love the arthurian vibe....and with a jump, think of all the things we can do on the titular table.
By Anonymous
Tarnished of the Roundtable, they dance when 'ere they're able!
By Anonymous
On second thought, let’s not go to Roundtable Hold. Tis a silly place.
By Anonymous
I like to push the pram alooooooooooooooooot
By Edrian
Crepus's Black-Key Crossbow can be found in the first room behind the fog. Take a left from the blacksmith, down the stairs and there will be the first fog.
By Anonymous
Frenzy tongue absolutely destroyed me
By Anonymous
He’s tough, especially at a low level. If you grab a longsword, hitting him with its base Weapon Art can deal really good damage, and breaks his poise. So each time he starts running towards you or trying to heal, just use that
By Anonymous
You can change your appearance here!? FINALLY MY GOD
By Anonymous
It's been years!
By Anonymous
You can find the Cipher Pata when you jump down to the big room where you get invaded in the open corridor to the left
By Anonymous
where tf can you even go when you’re at the bottom area?
By Anonymous
nowhere, just an invasion and the item on the bed then use the magic thing to get back up
By EchoMatize
I've had something trigger the hold to be empty when I came back, only to be attacked by an invader. After killing him the hold goes back to normal with the exception of the edgelord not being there anymore. You can then pick up his armor.
By EchoMatize
I was doing Varre's questline before it happened. Right after he gives you a cloth you have to soak in a maidens blood
By Anonymous
Same thing happened to me, scared me good.
I later talk to Ofnir in the room where the edgelord is guarding and he will say something about the medallion I picked up
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