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By Anonymous
Ran into a rather annoying bug where she simply wouldn't die despite me smashing her HP Bar to 0 and beyond. All the while she was getting spam happy with Elemental Assessor and Clashing Rocks. Probably unique but it is possible apparently...

Had all the appropriate DR Bypassing, Ascendant Elements for extra measure. Tried reloading and trying again, but the save was borked as it kept repeating. Which means I either missed something, or it was a bug. No, I wasn't using mods, yes, I checked the file integ, yes, I tried restarting the game - No, I will not replicate it or try to, as that calls for way too many flag checks and testing to see what got broke.
By Anonymous
Thank you for the highly detailed article as always, Fuxmylife.
By Anonymous
post game spoiler warning... when she is judged by pharasma, if she isn't transported to another realm through special choices made, her default choice is to be executed. just before the "fin" script covers the screen, you can loot her body. what she's carrying is...
mental headband of perfection +8
belt of physical perfection +8
blackened rags [which are the same as the ones bought from the slaver in the abyss]
goggles of mind control [save DC of mind affecting spells boosted +2]
bracers of armor +8
amulet of agile fists +4
cloak of resistance +6
star embroiders gloves [spell resistance 30 and +2 luck bonus on saving throws]
swamp dweller's boots [immunity to ability damage and ability drain]
ring of protection +6
ring of evasion
an unholy dagger +5
i looted everything quickly and opened the menu to view what she dropped. no mods.