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By Anonymous
I dislike the look of this armor. Usually the knight class in Dark Souls games starts with a decent looking armor.
By Anonymous
My brother in Godwyn this is the drippiest starter armour
By Anonymous
Really solid starting class if you're new to the game and unsure what to pick. The only disadvantage it has is that it fatrolls if you equip all the starter gear, but you can quite easily mitigate that by just not equipping the Halberd, which is overall a worse weapon than the Longsword you also start with.
By Anonymous
Is the Vagabond class perhaps... a Vagabond reference? (Vagabond the Japanese manga, I mean.)
By Anonymous
Or perhaps the word vagabond actually means something related to the theme of these games you buffoon.
By Anonymous
warthog-faced buffoon
By Anonymous
Every character class has a hidden lore tidbit. Based on the ornamentation on this guys helm. He may have been banished from the Haligtree.
By Anonymous
I think so too. If that is the case, however, he should really have higher starting faith.
By Anonymous
Interesting point.
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By DesertRanger419
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If he were banished, it could have resulted in him becoming disillusioned and losing his faith. To my understanding, Faith is, in Souls games, essentially a measure of how strongly your character believes in literally any potential object or figure of worship, be it Gwyn, Marika or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Thus, it's not unreasonable to assume that after being banished he didn't know what to believe in.
By Anonymous
Perhaps, but that would be so far removed from where our tarnished starts it would be meaningless. The tarnished were all banished Beyond the Fog long ago and are slowly trickling back in. The vagabond gear is completely devoid of standard or regalia of a lord for a reason. The vagabond, more than any other starting class, is anonymous. A drifter who claims no alliegence, or loyalty. The shield is so worn that it may have had a standard at some point, but it is so worn it is lost to history.
By Anonymous
Why does this dumb comment have likes he is just wearing roughed up version of the knight armour you buy from twin maiden husks it makes absaloutly no sense for a tarnished to be from
The haligtre…
By Anonymous
I've got a couple hundred hours into ER now, with 2/3rds of that across a couple different Vagabond characters and the remaining 1/3rd messing around with non-Vagabond alts.

It's a hard class to resist on a fresh start; strip off a couple pieces of equipment to get medium roll, two-hand the halberd, and you can walk out the start and slaughter the Tree Sentinel without too much fuss if you know his patterns. The armor is so good I was still mixing and matching some pieces for poise optimization after 100 hours.

That said, the 7 Arcane hurts. It doesn't seem like it would make a difference, but it does. Any time i play a class with 9+ Arcane from the start, I see drops my Vagabonds never did. It might be worth throwing a couple points just to get over whatever magical threshold it is that causes Vagabond to have such an abysmal time farming with the starting stat. Seriously. 9 Arcane hauls in a lot more goods than 7.
By Anonymous
Not sure about your opinion in farming. I mean, the whole point of picking Vagabond is so that you don't have to use Arcane. Also, Vagabond's starting gears are the top tier among classes, so that you don't have to worry about switching for better equipment even at late game. For example, powerstancing Longsword lets you pretty much shred everything in the game. So, what's the point of raising it?
By Anonymous
The mask of confidence will get your arcane to 10 while looking fashionable, and is also conveniently just enough for bloodflame blade.
By Anonymous
You don't need to farm for Claymore. Vagabond has 13 dex, exactly enough for Claymore. Do yourself a favour and use Claymore as vagabond.
By Anonymous
Vagabond: is quality build.

Me: hmmmm this class will make a fine STRENGTH build wouldn’t you agree?
By Anonymous
I’ve chosen to level my character up in Strength AND Dexterity, along with other stats by NG+.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
If you want to do a quality build, this guy is the key
By Anonymous
Maybe if you got rid of those yee-yee *** fat rolls you'd get some maidens
By Anonymous
*throws halberd* You were saying...?
By Anonymous
someone doesn't know how to unequip their ****.
By Anonymous
wish the visor could’ve been lowered
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