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By Arthurice
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I've found that the Wretch is the most optimal class for any build following these conditions: 1.) You need no more or less than 10 Strength and Dexterity 2.) You need 10 or more Intelligence. 3.) You need 8 or more Faith. For example, an optimal Clayman's Harpoon build would want 80 Intelligence to cast a max power Scholar's Armament using Lusat's Glintstone Staff onto a Standard Clayman's Harpoon, and 25 Faith to cast Golden Vow, 12 Mind to cast both of those spells without needing to drink, and no Dex or Strength investment beyond the minimum requirements of the weapon (the 2 points needed to reach 12 Strength can be made up by equipping the Omensmirk Mask, or the Haima Glintstone Crown), with the rest of the points going into Vigor and Endurance to maximize survivability.
By Cyanice
Kinda wish this class started with absolutely nothing (just bare fists) like in DS2
By Anonymous
I was not sure what I will build going into this game. Somewhere in starting area found this weapon "Cipher Pata" with 30 Faith req. After that I was like: "Huh, I guess I'll try faith fist weapon. After i got weapon to +4 I was finally able to take down Margit boss. All it took 24 lvls and about 8-9h of playtime :D
By Anonymous
happens to be the only class that starts with a strike weapon, unlike Dark Souls 1 and 3 which had at least one class with the mace
By Anonymous
Are there any places that you can only enter as a wretch?
By Anonymous
Best starting class for the first run since it's the only time you won't know every usefull item's location.
By Anonymous
since this was my first soulslike game ever with 43 years i tought its a good idea to start as wretch ^^. way was hard but now at ng 7+ i think it was the best choice at all.
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