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Ur Wretch LOL
By Anonymous
not anymore huhu
By Anonymous
Wut this class?
By Anonymous
I'm fairly sure it'll be the "Unga Bunga Naked Man." So pretty much waste of skin or deprived.
By Anonymous
YES, this is exactly the class I wanted!
By Anonymous
Hell yea
By Anonymous
This looks like it's going to be the same as DS3 Deprived: All stats pretty high from the start, and Level 1, so the first 10 or so levels are going to be cheap as hell. Literally the best class in the game, even if you have another build in mind.
By Anonymous
Not to mention that since respec is a thing and you always respec down to base class stats, this class is the optimal choice to respec into ANYTHING you want. So it's the best class by far if you want to do everything in the game in a single character.
By Anonymous
"even if you have another build in mind" - not necessarily. Someone on reddit made a spreadsheet for those that really want to min-max:
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By Wolf_Pwnz_Noobs
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@Anon 18 Feb 2022 19:56

Those guys aren't the norm. They're the extreme type that go beyond fun & building and to "alright I got the perfect stats for this one build at SL120 and it's all that matters!" Not that that's bad, but it isn't the norm like the rest of us.
By Anonymous
Who needs blades or steel, when a hefty strike to the nuts does the job just fine?
By Anonymous
This class is for chads.
No dex or casuls allowed.
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By Anonymous
A nice club you have here. It would be a shame if...
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