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By Anonymous
im frankly stunned that the powerstanced moveset has been completely unchanged since launch
By Anonymous
Tree spear? Silurian’s tree?
By Anonymous
Those are both great spears.
By Anonymous
Great Spears
By Anonymous
That's a Great Spear, not Spear
By Anonymous
Great Spears
By Anonymous
My rule for myself is single spear against friendly people and those running cool/non meta setups. Dual spears against gank squads, super toxic people(Ex: people attacking me when I wave/bow in arena), or against someone else using dual spears.
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By SlaveKnightKos
I also used dual spears against people that used light roll in the last patch, as they weren't worth my time, but I don't know if it was fixed enough to stop doing this.
By Anonymous
They need to buff single spear so that it is actually worth using. Powerstance spears can keep their higher damage, just make them slower than single spears so that their is at least a trade off. Right now dual spears is just the objectively better option. Maybe buff single spears poise damage when two handed and keep the ps poise damage low. We need at least some reason to use single spear over two.
By Anonymous
I don't know whether you are an idiot or not but spears were meant to be used with a shield. If you want two-handling, then use a halberd. Hope this helps
By Anonymous
There is a reason to use one spear over two. The ability to block while attacking.
By Anonymous
Funny that you mention the increased poise damage when 2 handing cause that's exactly what you get - more poise damage than dual wielding. 2 handed standard weapon poise damage is just still low.
By Anonymous
Pretty sad that by nerfing powerstanced spears they killed single spears. With low AR, nonexistent poise damage and little crowd control who needs 1 spear? Might as well equip halberd at that point.
By Anonymous
For me, it's the Pike. The best powerstanced spear.
By Anonymous
One spear is fair. Worse than fair, maybe. Their AR is low so you have to really leverage your range and counterattack bonus damage.

Two spears are stupid. All the nuance goes out the window and you do entirely too much damage entirely too often and entirely too fast.

Two spears with status buildup... You have no pride as a warrior.
By Anonymous
So what I'm hearing is... use two spears with status buildup.
By Anonymous
Thanks for the tip, gotta start using dual spears with buildup
By Anonymous
Things needed in the game:
Lordsworn Spear
Night Rider Great Flail
Misbegotten Iron Dagger
A whole metric ton of other enemy weapons

Elden Ring is a huuuuge game, nothing wrong with giving it a few more weapons
By Anonymous
Isn't the partisan basically the same as a lordsworn spear would be?
By Anonymous
Full bull-goat armor, powerstance crossnaginata (frost, bleed), white mask.

By Anonymous
I can't think of a build less enjoyable
By Anonymous
how original
By Anonymous
The infamous no maidens and no *****es -build
By Anonymous
the powerstanced L1 is faster than the 1 handed R1 by a considerable amount. GG nice balancing there fromsoft.
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