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By Anonymous
I guess nobody likes the spear
By Anonymous
I think spears will be the best weapons for counter attacks, especially if we get something like the Leo ring again
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By Rads
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Hope we'll get some spears with varied attack patterns, like partizan.
By Anonymous
hoping for a partizan style spear, dont see why it wouldn't be in the game though tbh
By Anonymous
claymans harpoon, 99 phys, 64 magic | d str | e dex | d int | req: str 12, dex 10, int 12 weight 5.5| location : underground caverns with the beautiful sky dropped by the slow guys with the spears
By Anonymous
got this beauty and Im using on my spellblade build (int/dex). trying to find the scaling before upgrading, but can’t find it anywhere.
By NikoruWasOnly15
This is my first time using Fextralife this early in a game's release, so sorry for the dumb question... But are these all the spears available, or are there still more that haven't been discovered? Just hoping for a bit more variety.
By losthanyou
This list definitely isn't complete, I've found a spear called Cross-Naginata that isn't listed here, and it's an item you could get very early on in Caelid. There's probably more items later in the game that are missing too.
By Anonymous
Spear+7 drops from Patches
By Gufej
Drops from Castle Guard
By Anonymous
There is a Spear available for if you kill Patches. It comes as +7 too
By Anonymous
Yea but i have a ****ing heart
By Anonymous
Yo, just found a torch spear that drops from the soldiers in Stormveil Castle, you're welcome.
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