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By Anonymous
Does it bother anyone else that this page doesn’t list any Spirit Ashes with bleed buildup?
By Anonymous
Status in the game in general are overtuned as is. This is by far the worst offender
By Anonymous
if they keep it doing this much damage just remove the stagger all together. it just screws people over in pvp
By Konreed
Tune down that bleed process from 15% to 10% and I think we’ll see some benefits.
By Anonymous
I think the reason bleed is so broken is to punish those who use a stupid high vigor build. At least they decided to make it where if a debuff procs once it takes more effort to proc it again. Don't take this as a complaint take it as an idea.
By Anonymous
head empty, only bleed
By Anonymous
Perfectly (im)balanced, as all things should (not) be
By Anonymous
It should have a cool down on the status effect like frostbite.
By Anonymous
how to run bleed effectively step-by-step: put bleed on any weapon

congrats, you've made an effective bleed build
By Anonymous
Extreme secret pro strat: put bleed on two weapons
By Anonymous
Neef this or the game will die
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