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By Anonymous
if it works it works
By Anonymous
it works too good
By Anonymous
Its shocking how many people conflate doing a billion damage with being good at the game, especially in PvP.
By Anonymous
Pls bring back ds3 bleed
By Anonymous
ds3 bleed sucks in it's current state if you look at PvP
By Anonymous
Best way to counter 2x nagi bleed build is Steam>View>recent players>profile>block.
By Anonymous
I've been trying to make a blood loss build that isn't annoying or overpowered (though it doesn't matter much, I don't do online play) and I think that the knight in Fort Haight had the right idea. Bloody Slash on the Knight's Greatsword is fun and strong, and the greatsword itself does a good job of dealing damage and building up Bleed WITHOUT being overpowered. It's also worth mentioning that the Knight's Greatsword is a sexy weapon in both moveset and appearance. Might be worth trying if you want a blood loss build that isn't RoB.
By Anonymous
It's still op
By Anonymous
Another alternative would be to be primarily a poison build but use weapons that have innate bleed like katanas or scavenger curved sword
By Anonymous
I sure love getting half of my health taken off and staggered in a single hit that's so much fun it makes me want to die
By Anonymous
as a bleed user i can relate
By Anonymous
powerstancing should reduce status buildup, right now its so overkill its not even funny. in no world should a dual curved sword running L1 bleed out twice in the span of half a second, no matter what your stance on bleed is.
By Anonymous
Simple. they should boost robustness on every armor so it's not as good to use bleed in pvp.
By Anonymous
Honestly increasing robustness on armor or just base seems like a good idea. Just increases how much bleed buildup pve enemies cause and then the only thing that gets modified is how quickly you can proc bleed on other players with your weapons
By Anonymous
You got your wish! Power standing significantly reduces status buildup. It's about 50% more than a single weapon now, and the running l2 of curved swords takes as many uses to proc bleed as spamming L1
By Anonymous
So i can literally get impaled multiple times by a halberd and still be alive but God forbid someone *****slaps me with a katana that means my entire health bar goes down such logic such balance
By Anonymous
But what if you get impaled by a bleed halberd?
By Anonymous
then don't play pvp and stop complaining
By Anonymous
In pve bleed builds essentially make your first playthrough an NG+. In pvp they make you an *******.
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