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By Anonymous
I think the overabundance of bleed weapons is due to gameplay-related issues. Bosses in Elden Ring have fewer openings compared to Dark Souls and Bloodborne. FromSoftware compensated for this by lowering stamina-consuption across the board and by introducing stance-breaking. However, faster weapons have a difficult time accomplishing the latter. So instead many of them inflict bleed, to make up for the lost DPS from shorter attack windows and supplant the need for stance-breaks. Essentially, hemorrhage gives you another long-term goal to work towards after landing one or two attacks on an enemy. Of course since it's FromSoftware, the balancing ended up all over the place. And since Elden Ring brought in a lot of new players, you now have a bunch of people standing around in front of a boss, or distracting it with summons, and hoping for the best while mashing their bleed button of choice. I don't think they'll ever address this again since the fallout would be disastrous and Namco sadly seems to force them to listen to fan bickering.
By Anonymous
just make bleed into ds3 bleed simple and easy fix
By Anonymous
It should only build on damaging hits. Other wise it's still busted.
By Anonymous
For pvp? No one care about pvp
By Anonymous
Unfortunately, it's a matter of internet connection. Other statuses also build in cases where pvp can't with certainty determine a hit, so it counts as a glance.
By Anonymous
lots of ppl care about pvp , april 5
By Anonymous
Why are there 3 times as many sources of Bleed than any other status effect?
By Anonymous
Immersion. If you get stabbed 20 times with a knife, you will bleed. If you get beat with a baseball bat and thrown in a refrigerator, you will freeze. But it's much easier to do the first than the second.
By Anonymous
Immersion is a bad excuse. Plenty of stabby and sharp weapons do not inflict bleed. A more likely cause is that Fromsoftware didn't really put any thoughts into the weapon designs which also explains other inconsistencies and not just status effect. Why do some weapons have obscene stat requirements and scale poorly off such stats? Why do some normal weapons with a normal weapon skill are artificially limited to that skill? Why are weapon categories like the straight sword just a list of a weapons that are surpassed by the Broadsword despite being obtained much later? We can come up with excuses as to why Fromsoftware did what they did but it seems obvious to me that they just didn't put that much thought or care into it. They just threw number values at weapons.
By Anonymous
This disrupts the pve experience. Should be nerfed just for pve imo. Buff it all you want for pvp so that tryhards don't complain but nerf for pve.
By Anonymous
How? I don’t use bleed, but it’s not that hard to just NOT use. Why do you want to ruin the experience of other players. They’ll hit a wall with radabeast anyways.
By Anonymous
The only possible way to balance bleed and frost is to remove the stagger. Doing insane damage just by spamming is one thing. Not being able to trade with spammers in heavyer armor with high-poise attacks because insane status-effect staggering keeps knocking you out of your powermove is another.
By Anonymous
Still broken
By Anonymous
the physical godskin noble and apostle are susceptible to blood loss, while the snailcaller versions are immune to it
By Anonymous
How do Godskin Noble and Apostle both appear on the vulnerable and immune lists? This is a terrible job in the wiki.
By Anonymous
Feel free to add!
People who complain about others but don't do it themselves....
By R3dn3ck3r
The one in immunity is a spectral encounter - spirits are immune to Status Effects (mostly, since somehow they are quite vulnerable to sleep) :P
By GrafVonZeppelin
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Is there a visual cue when blood loss is triggered? I have Bloodhounds Fang and I would like to know when blood loss occurs from my attacks.
By Anonymous
There is a big burst of blood around the enemy
By Anonymous
The enemy will burst a lot of lot of blood when it triggers. It makes a squelching sound.
By GrafVonZeppelin
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Thanks for the replies. I thought so, but I never see it while using the Bloodhounds Fang. I must be doing it wrong.
By Anonymous
The Bloodhound’s Fang does a lot of damage, but not a ton of bleed. Most enemies will die before you can cause a hemorrhage.
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