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By Anonymous
So, when choosing what Seal to use, there's some things to keep in mind:

Erdtree Seal is the most stat efficient seal. If you consider you're already investing 30-50 points into Fth in order to access incantations themselves you then only need another 50-30 points in order to reach the last soft cap of 80.

Finger Seal and Godslayer Seal are worth using as you gain points in Fth as they will perform better at 10-26 and 27-68 Fth compared to Erdtree.

Gravel Stone, Frenzied Flame and Giant's Seals are only worth using if you're primarily using their respective spell schools and aren't dual wielding (Since then you can simply off hand them for their bonus and use a stronger seal to cast)

Dragon Communion Seal can offer an efficient increase in power. If you get the 45 Fth soft cap (Which will also let you cast most incantations) and then pump Arc you can get higher scaling than Erdtree.

Dragon Communion Seal is the best seal to use if you're not using scaling spells (Which are ones that deal damage/direct healing as well as weapon buffs) since it's available early in the game and weighs nothing. Even if you don't have the stats for it, that doesn't matter because you can still cast incantations with it just fine (So if you're a pure Int build wanting to use Law of Regression or a Str/Dex build wanting to use FGMS or FCM)

Clawmark Seal is good for Str builds that want to use damage or direct healing incantations, but if you're just after buffs then Dragon Communion or Finger/Godslayer seals will perform better (The former for weight the latter for if you're using weapon buffs like Electrify Armament/Bloodflame Blade)

Golden Order seal is only good if you're investing heavily into Int. Either as a primarily Int build splashing into some incantations, or a full on Int/Fth build using Prince of Death's Staff. Though it can also be used as an alternative to Dragon Communion Seal for non-scaling incants as it is also an easy to obtain 0 weight seal.
By Anonymous
Black flame blade* also golden order incantations get a boost that you left out
By Anonymous
Bloodflame Blade*

Golden Order incantations get a boost, but it still doesn't make the Golden Order Seal useful unless you're heavily invested into Int. As Erdtree Seal will outperform it with low Int builds, even with the boost. Just like Erdtree Seal outperforms Clawmark Seal at high Fth (Erdtree Seal will give more damage to Beast incants than Clawmark even if you have 80 Str + 80 Fth)
By Anonymous
Does dual wielding the seals even do anything? I use the Black Flame Fireball a LOT. I just got the Erdtree seal. Buffed it up. Put that in my right hand and the Godslayer seal (also buffed up) in my left. Casted with my right hand. Medium damage. Casted with my left hand. Full damage. I want the Erdtree seal to be my main but I also want to use Godslayer and Gravel Stone to cast Black Flame and Dragon Cult incants. At this point it seems dual wielding doesn't do anything to boost damage. Anyone tried this?
By Anonymous
What is your faith at? Erdtree is really strong but only at -very- high levels of faith. Until you hit nearly 70 faith, Godslayer is stronger
By Anonymous
Dual wielding will only provide a boost in damage when: 1) You're dual wielding the same seal to get its bonus damage twice or 2) You're using a seal with much higher Incant Scaling to cast while off-handing a seal with bonus damage.

You need to check whether the incant scaling on the seal you want to "Main" is actually higher than your old seal before you swap. Seals like Erdtree Seal have high stat requirements before they take over other Fth scaling Seals.
By Anonymous
Thanks for the replies! My Faith is at 55 right now. I've been testing it myself and yea it seems for now using the seal that gets the boost is the best for each style of incantations. I'll have to get the Erdtree up to +10 and keep pumping Faith. I've been experimenting with equipping 3 different seals. Erdtree in my right with my weapon and the other 2 seals in my left switching accordingly.
By Anonymous
For those interested, because weapon buff incants (electrify armament, bfb, etc.) only use the faith scaling on your seal and ignore anything else, the best seals for those spells are as follows:

Finger seal for faith below 27
Godslayer seal for faith 27 to 68
Erdtree seal for faith 69 (nice) and up

This is all assuming the seal is max upgraded
By Anonymous
Where TF is my combination sorcery and faith seal for gesture casting hadokens and rock slinging people with my mind alone, for somewhat reduced effectiveness but an altogether good time?!
By Anonymous
Probably DLC
By Anonymous
why do all the seals have that stupid orange glow... I'm just trying to make my guy look blue for chrissake
By Anonymous
probably because the game uses color to provide visual context, yellow represents faith/holy, red is arcane/blood and blue is int/magic, it is dissapointing though that the Godslayer's Seal doesn't glow the same color as the Black Flame incants it boosts
By Anonymous
Wish the seals that weighed gave more scaling. There's been so many times where my build is .5% off from med rolling due to a physical seal weighing 1.5 Miyazaki.
By Anonymous
just get 2 more points in endurance...
By Anonymous
Altering your cape of the torso armor removes a tiny amount of weight
By Anonymous
Why doesn't this list the incant. scaling?
By Anonymous
It literally does…
By Anonymous
It literally does…
By Anonymous
Third column lists incantation scaling.
By Anonymous
To the guys above, I think he���s referring to the max level table rather than by default.
By Anonymous
Because showing incant scaling is useless or misleading without also showing the stats that get that scaling. Ignoring stats, base incant scaling is always 100, it doesn't change with level.
By Anonymous
Choosing the right seal for your build and the types of incants you intend to use is one of the hardest decisions in the game, but as far as I can tell the tldr is for buffing/healing incants Finger > Godslayer's > Erdtree depending on which one you have enough FAI to use, for attacking incants you'll want to use Clawmark, Golden Order or Dragon Communion depending on your primary damage stat
By Anonymous
As a melee player that's mainly interested in heals/buffs it would be really nice if the UI showed both the FTH only and combined incant scaling values for hybrid seals
By Anonymous
I really hope they buff the pure faith sacred seals. Incant scaling is way too low to be pure faith.
By Anonymous
The hybrid seals have higher scaling because they���re scaling off of more than one stat and you have more points invested overall.
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