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By Anonymous
First comment, wowie!
By Anonymous
First reply to your comment gee willikers!
By Anonymous
Wonder is poise-casting will be back
By Anonymous
I would love that. But I gotta admit it was pretty insane. OP even
By Anonymous
i don't think it is, but some miracles have innate poise cast like the crucible horn incantion, great for getting aggressive opponents to think twice.
By Anonymous
Just use endure
By Anonymous
Missing the Dragon Communion Seal from the Fringefolk Hero's Grave.
By Anonymous
Dragon Communion can be found below the tutorial area after going through the fog barrier by the exit. You need to beat a tough mob but he can be cheesed by using the chariot. It cast incantations but boosts dragon spells and scales hard with arcane.
By Anonymous
Found something called a "Dragon Communion Seal". It's listed as a sacred seal and you can find it in the starting area behind one of those imp barriers. It leads you into a poison area where you have to outrun a chariot (DS2 style boss) with phantom exile knights throughout that can teleport. At some point you can go up or down. If you go up you find the seal, go down brings you to a boss you can barely damage when you first start the game.
By Anonymous
Found that one 2 was a ***** to get theres a boss at the bottom of that area aswell
By Anonymous
So there’s no seal with B or A scaling? Bummer. I was hoping for something to pop up late game with better stats…
By Of The Many Colours
The scaling increases as you level up the sacred seal, but since the game is new, we don't have the stats for each level of the equipment updated yet. Only thing I know from my own gameplay is that by +5, the Dragon Communion Seal has A scaling in Arcane.
By Anonymous
Scaling is increased by upgrading the gear, my +2 Finger Seal already has B FTH Scaling.
By Anonymous
The Godslayer Seal will get a A scaling on +8 or something. But i was as sad as you to see that there is no seal with great base scaling.
By Anonymous
The scaling likely goes up as you level them, remember weapon upgrades can go past 10 in this game
By Anonymous
The scaling letters increase with upgrades to the seals, this page is just showing them at +0.
By Anonymous
My Finger Seal has A Faith scaling. Its +12 though not sure when it got it.
By Anonymous
lol there are more seals dumbass
By Anonymous
Over here it put dragon communion seal required 10 Strength and 12 dexterity to use but the dragon communion seal page itself said you need 10 faith and 10 Arcane. What?
By Anonymous
Whoever put the info in for the dragon communion seal you're an idiot because the required stats are incorrect
By Anonymous
Instead of just being a ****head maybe you could provide the correct ones?
By Anonymous
Oh look, bastard, therefore, try finger but hole.
By Anonymous
there is another seal in the capital outskirts called the erdtree seal
By Anonymous
can you tell detail
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