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By Anonymous
Recently had the game spawn two of these guys and a Bombardier on me at the same time on normal difficulty (newer player). Amazed I didn't die, with two rats the size of a barn hunting me down, one the size of a slightly smaller barn providing fire support to them, and the occasional chunk of ice chucked over a building with deadly and improbable accuracy directly on my head.
By Anonymous
слабость - нога
By Anonymous
Got instakill by this on Hardcore-Normal, some kind of grab attack which I didn't know about where he smash you like Hulk smashed Loki in The Avengers (2012 film) quipping, "puny God". It was unexpected and hilarious.
By Anonymous
To add to that, I was on full health.
By Anonymous
Testing on Normal (non-hardcore ofc):

He won't do this attack when he on full health (need more testing).

He won't do this up-close. Only on mid-long range.

The animation similar to where he charge and punch you but start with open hand. It also slower.

This attack also missed constantly. You have to be unlucky for it to land.
By Anonymous
The Snow-Jackal variant fortunately does not have this move despite having the same charge and punch attack.