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By Anonymous
This and flame of the redmanes are the best ashes of war to break poise, bothe dealing 29 poise damage. If you use the poise breaking crystal tear both will deal 38 poise damage, that's the biggest poise damage currently available in the game. It's great for stunlocking bosses and swapping to a misericorde for highest crit damage possible. Really really good and satisfying to use.
By Anonymous
I saw a dude swinging the Banished Knight sword with this ash, I thought it might have been a stealth buff but sadly I think he was just cheating
By Anonymous
He might have been using "Stamp (Sweep)" or "Stamp (Upward Cut)", those are basically the greatsword version of this
By Anonymous
Would've been awesome if that were the case. Stamp moves are good, but they're not square off :(
By Anonymous
Yeah there's cheats that let you apply any ash of war to any weapon, but funnily enough because the damage of Square Off is based on weapon AR using it on a greatsword only does like 15-20% more damage than on straight swords, it's a strange choice for an online cheater considering all the literally gamebreaking things they could do
By Anonymous
I wish this could be used on greatswords.. I wanted to put it on the flamberge. Flamberge has square off in ds3 :(
By Anonymous
And DS3 did not have ER's stance system. Square Off on a great sword would be a hit-to-crit button.
By Anonymous
You act like the game doesn't already let you do that with flame of the redmanes. Just drink the physic tear for stance damage and spam flame of the redmanes, literally the same thing. Just nerf the posture damage square off does on straight swords and put square off on greatswords with high posture damage. Makes no sense why a straight sword does that much poise damage.
By Anonymous
For inexperienced Tarnished new to weapon Skills, Square Off is a fine introduction to the system, both in basic mechanics and in how disgustingly strong the vast majority of them are. Like most Skills, Square Off deals more damage than even a mighty critical riposte or backstab, while simultaneously being far less time and resource-intensive to pull off. There is little reason not to throw out this move again and again in place of normal attacks, if you have the ability to get away with it.

As for comparing this Skill to others in its class, Square Off is tied with Kick for having the strongest poise damage of any attack. It excels at interrupting foes out of attacks, and can slot itself right at home in any warrior's arsenal.
— Courh the Explorer
By MikhailMobius
Does anyone else think maybe this is a reference: You find the ashe of war right next to a hill looking at a waterfall. This could be a reference to many "sword training" montagues in movies where the character takes the stance. I believe Highlander was the movie that popularized the trope?
By Anonymous
A fantastic skill, and a sleeper for sure. With how strong it is, it might actually be a good thing it isn’t on a greatsword, for instance. The damage to posture is immense, and the lunge range on the R2 follow up is further than you’d normally expect.
By Anonymous
It’s sad it’s been dropped from greatswords though. Ds3 loved greatswords. Elden ring not so much.
By Anonymous
Imo, sleeper amazing AoW for PVP. Both R1/R2 do surprisingly high poise and fatigue damage. R2 works well like a mini Giant's Hunt, hits nearly as hard and can roll catch with it. R1 hits decently hard and comes out fast.

-You can also dodge and backstep out of stance while holding down L2
-Benefits from Shard of Alexander and Spear Talisman
-Does NOT benefit from Axe Talisman
By Anonymous
This ashe of war has really amazing stance damage and damage on its heavy attack, the light attack is amazing against guarding ennemies. You can easily stance break large ennemies and bosses in 2 heavy, its really nice.