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Heavily nerfed in network test.
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The heavy attack from the Square Off stance is an excellent boss-fighting skill. It does an incredible amount of additional damage. It's also effective at damaging enemy poise. This skill carried me through Margit by not only being the single most damaging attack in my arsenal, but also breaking his poise several times, setting up several critical attacks.
I pretty much use it all the time now. It was particularly useful in Stormveil Castle against Banished Knights where you can use its reach and heavy damage to deal with them safely.
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Good news, Square Off is very very good throughout the entire game and does so much poise break damage to so many bosses.
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Margit getting poise broke by this is so damn fun. Hits so hard
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ol' reliable
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Really sucks yout can't use this with any greatswords. Would rather his this than stomp on all of them.
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Yeah, what doesn't make sense is that in DS3 there were several Greatswords with the Greatsword version of Stance/Square off. The made the Claymore worse than the DS3 version in my eyes.
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The reason, no matter the effort, I can't pick another weapon over the longsword since DS3. From breaking the guard of a shield user to closing the gap, nothing beats the versatility of this skill. Does good damage, too.
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What is the best sword to have with square off? I dont wanna commit to leveling up lordsworns straight sword if there is one that is better.
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Lordsworn's is really good since it gives you 10% critical damage boost.
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Noble's Slender Sword is pretty much the best longsowrd
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Broadsword for damage, Lordsworn's for better reach and slightly better riposte damage. Everything else is worse than these two in some way or doesn't have this weapon art.
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Lordsworn is easier to farm than Nobles, but both have 110 crit. Given that with square off and guard counters you will he breaking stances left and right, the extra crit will give you more damage overall.
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Still one of my favorite arts for the sheer versatility it offers
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This skill was a HUGE letdown once I got the Ash of War version, the fact that it can be used on Greatswords was a HUGE blow to the skill (the Claymore and Flamberge had it in DS3), plus it's not the guaranteed PvE guard-break that it was in DS3.

Part of the reason that I considered the Claymore the best general purpose Greatsword in DS3 was because it had the Stance Weapon Art, which is what Square-Off is.

The fact that it's a Strait Sword exclusive skill was such a dumb idea when in the previous game it was also available on select Greatswords as well.
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>A huge letdown because this skill isn't the exact same skill as one from a different game
Yo I dunno if you noticed, but this is Elden Ring, not Dark Souls 4. There is no "the previous game" this is the first and only so far game of the Elden Ring series. If you wanna play DS3 go play DS3.
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This wasn't for greatswords in ds3. They had a separate ability that was similar.
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I mean, the fact that it isn't technically a Dark Souls sequel doesn't preclude Elden Ring being able to take cues from Souls games. It utilises resources, animations, concepts and the fundamental combat base from the knowledge (and probably code, dunno for sure) gained from the Souls games. Seems needlessly obtuse to say that there is no "previous" game. It's not even like Bloodborne, where it's clear they wanted to do a very distinctly different but still similar thing to their previous work; Elden Ring seems more to be about expanding on stuff from the Souls games in fun and interesting ways, like being able to mix and match Weapon Arts and the weapons themselves to suit your interests.
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Claymore is just fine with the excellent Lion's Claw. Square Off on a great sword would be a hit-to-crit button.
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By RopeDrink
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On early-game weapons like the "Lordsworn's Straight Sword", which has Square Off by default (and) 110 Critical for poise-broken stabs (and) an enjoyably flexible moveset, you'll be crushing poise like no tomorrow while flitting between the quick (light) AoE swipe, the long (heavy) precise thrust-poke, and everything inbetween, without forgetting the usual jumping attacks, good guard-counter swipes, and charged R2 lunges. A joy to play during the early game while working towards you weapons of choice.