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By Anonymous
Is there any reason why I would not be able to start this quest? Two playthroughs now and the only option I have is to throw Thaberdine out.
By Anonymous
No, Azata and Lich. I saw an Angel playthrough though, and they were able to at least get the Pulura Falls location. Am I not supposed to be able to go to Pulura Falls until act 5 unless im a trickster?
By Anonymous
You aren't. Trying to crown a hobo is definitely not something anyone save professional rules breaker (Trickster) would do.
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By majesstic
Pulura's Fall can only be accessed in Act 3 for Angel and Trickster paths, each as part of a different quest (and Tricksters cannot explore the interior of the shrine in Act 3). All other paths will not be able to get there until Act 5.
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
Дядя у тебя грифон в шкафу
By Anonymous
This guy, this dude...

Shows up, says "Yo, gimme respect, food, a title, and a place to stay."

I says to him "Eh, sure."

He then plants his hobo arse down in the middle of the council room on an invisible chair. Doesn't give me a location or anything beyond a conversation and a mild headache.

Happened four times in a row now on different characters and restarts. Honestly, at this point I'd rather just punt his arse off the balcony into the courtyard and be done with it.
By Anonymous
Note: If the goal of this quest is to get to Areelu's lab, which it seemingly is then it does not necessarily need to be done at all. I was setn to Areelu's lab through the lich mythic path for example. So, if you threw this guy out like I did, do not worry, I think this is just one of many ways to get to Areelu's lab which is where the mythic level actually comes from.
By Anonymous
This is the Trickster way of getting to Areelu's lab. Of course you don't need it as a lich.
By Anonymous
When you go to Pulura's Falls, make sure you have Death Ward for your whole party. There are Ancient Sarkorian Wights, Corpulent Ghosts, a couple Skeletal Berserkers, and about ten Greater Shadows; with Death Ward on your whole party most of the enemies are trivialized, just make sure to burst the Wights as they hit pretty hard. There's also a trio of Elder Earth Elementals up on the peak that spawn when you touch one of the burial daggers up there - these were the roughest part for me, but still very doable with a few summons and all buffed up.