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By Anonymous
Spellbook interaction with prestige classes is all kinds of broken. Nature Magic's description says that this sub-class' "Druid" spells are considered arcane spells and you can indeed qualify for Eldritch Scion, Arcane Trickster and Dragon Disciple (because Arcanist is a spontanious class, despite kinda having slots), BUT once you get a caster level from a prestige class you get to pick spells from arcane spell book instead of the Druid's spell book and while they appear in your Arcanist spell book, you don't get caster levels.
So, wait for a fix if you wanted a prestige caster with non-arcane spellbook other than Theurge, like I did.
By Anonymous
you get to pick ONLY from arcane spell book*
By Anonymous
I believe you meant eldritch knight. Eldritch Scion is a subclass of magus.