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One of the easier challenge runs to do. Just make sure you have a character built around SL 150 or higher and you should easily be able to do this with minimal equipment.
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**** my sanity im farming rotten baby
By Anonymous
How does it feel to respawn in a **** far location every time you die?
By Anonymous
it sucks XD
By Anonymous
Just don't die.
By Anonymous
>Just don't die.

gee anon thanks for that wonderful advice, very cool totally not an non-answer

just go delete system32 already
By Anonymous
This ring is not for players with a skill issue
By Anonymous
info about lighting bonfires

-lighting bonfires makes them your respawn point

-homeward bones only care about the last fire you rested at. since you never rest you just get sent back to the initial spawn point of the game

-primal bonfires always send you back to majula

the run to get this ring is all about using these things to your advantage while being cautious of which bonfires you light.
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But why