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By Anonymous
elden ring!
By yoduh
vision of grace is not a multiplayer item.
By Anonymous
How do you summon a 3rd person?
By Anonymous
Is there a dried finger alternative in elden ring?
By Anonymous
Taunter's Tongue.
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By turohabaneero
What is the difference between a Bloody Finger and a recusant?
By Anonymous
Recusant is unlimited use while bloody is single use
By Anonymous
I said ****, recusant and bloody are unlimited, it's festering bloody that's single use. Recusant is probably a way to obtain unlimited invasion without doing an evil quest lol. Idk for now
By Anonymous
They're a little like covenants from what I gather. The descriptions are similar only one invades as a bloody finger and one invades as a recusant. I'd assume it ties with the quests they're received from, bloody finger being to feed mogh the Lord of blood and recusant being to kill tarnished that follow the golden order (do the Volcano manor quests to understand why)
By Anonymous
whats the difference between bloody and rescusant finger?
By Anonymous
Recusant is like the REO, an infinite use invasion tool.
By Anonymous
bloody has infinite usage and rescusant is a consumable (1 use)
By Anonymous
No item like Giant Tree Seed ?
By Anonymous
Wrong game this is NOT DARK SOULS
By Anonymous
No item that made monster hostlie to invader ?
By Anonymous
no Seed of a Giant Tree?
By Anonymous
Beast lure pots are similar
By Anonymous
what about the phantom finger???