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By Anonymous
Just completed a daggers only playthrough on NG+ 7, here are my insights:
-Reduvia Blood Blade will melt pretty much anything that can bleed, and for pure physical damage the Reduvia and Cinqudea powerstanced are your best bet
-The Glintstone Kris staggers things a lot more than you'd expect, and a fully charged Glintstone Dart does a lot of damage
-The Black Knife is good for starting off a boss fight, and the Blade Of Calling is pretty decent against anything undead (it was doing 4000+ damage to Death Rite Birds)
-I only used the Scorpion's Stinger against Rykard and Fire Giant, and it only rotted Rykard, so I wouldn't say it's worth it
-The Misericorde is of course super good for crits

Daggers are fun, I'm gonna do a straight sword only playthrough now. Results pending.
By Yelex
this singular dagger is cooler than any of the daggers in all previous souls games damnn
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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
add murky, let me slay some casul
By dannybates
Cinquedea Dagger is missing. Location / Desc is here
By Anonymous
Missing Dagger
By Anonymous
How do you get up? Unless its not where I think it is.
By Anonymous
The Reduvia requires 13 Arcane, missing from the table.
By Anonymous
the Reduvia now has 3 points requirement in Arcane for some reason
By Anonymous
Missing Dagger: Wakizashi. The Wakizashi has a unique moveset when offhanded with the Uchigatana (All Katanas?) where L1 attacks with both weapons. Also gives the Uchi's Ash of War priority over it's own.
By Anonymous
Where did you find it? Some of the mechanics that you mention might be related to power stance.
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By rmanx90
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Correct this power stances with all katanas (attacks with both weapons with L1 and keeps the katana skill) - found in gaol cave (needs 2 stonesword keys) -
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