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By Anonymous
I'm just saying: This jellyfish summon has helped save my life more times than the mimic tear has. That thing gets demolished while the jellyfish keep going. I can understand everyone has their own favourite spirit ashes, but I highly recommend reconsidering the jellyfish at times, even if it's just to get the enemy off your back. :thumbsup:
By Anonymous
Weak mimicry summoning?
Time for introspection
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By Demonico
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Lol imagine bein sooo weak that jelly is better than mimic xD
By Anonymous
i came here to see stats, not to cry!
By Anonymous
In JP the name is Clara. However in EN it's Aurelia. WTH translators lol
By Anonymous
Probably Japanese wordplay that they couldn't pass up, jellyfish in Japanese is Kurage so it's a little common to name jellyfish Clara in Japanese because the phonetics would go Kurara which is then a syllable away from Kurage. I've seen a few other fictional jellyfish in Japanese media be named Clara as well.
By Anonymous
Ya it's named 'Kurara' in CN either don't know how it end up Aurelia in EN, Kurara is more fitting naming a 'prone to tear' shy girl imo, teary but always do her best to support you. I'm decided to draw her after i finish my pt.
By Anonymous
in english her name is Aurelia because it's what the taxonomical genus of moon jellyfish is called.
By Anonymous
forget fia, ranni, melina, malenia, or even roderika. aurelia is the true wife.
By ImminentBeanpole
Bro, isn’t she a little girl? Alright, why don’t you take a seat?
By Anonymous
I think the Trivia aspect of Spirit Jellyfish might be incorrect. I think the Developers named the Spirit Jellyfish based of the binomial nomenclature of Jellyfish which is Aurelia aurita. Jellyfish belong to the genus Aurelia.

Sylvia Plath mother's name was Aurelia and there is medusa phase within Jellyfish. So in her poem Medusa, Sylvia Plath drew correlation between the name of the mother with the Genus of Jellyfish along with Medusa phase of Jellyfish with Medusa of Greek myth.
By Anonymous
I feel like many underestimate the damage Jelly can dish out. Saw a streamer play and summoned the Jellyfish in his runs against Godrick and after the fight, people in the chat said the Jelly does minimal damage and is only good for a distraction, but me being bored, calculated how much it did:

Godrick's HP = 6080.
Jelly was level 2.
Jelly projectiles hit in the first phase was 9. Dmg per hit 23.
No poisoned status yet.
Phase 1 Jelly damage = 9x23 = 207 dmg
Phase 2 poisoning status began on the first projectile hit at the start of phase 2. The phase 2 lasted for 1 minute 14 seconds = 64 seconds.

64x10 = 640 dmg

13 projectiles hit during Phase 2
13x23 = 299

1146/6080 was done by Jellyfish. So 18.84% of Godrick's health.
At only Jellyfish level 2.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
man's did the math
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By Demonico
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Still weak af and if gets hit instantly staggered and beat to death.. and at some point jelly will get hit, no matter what!
By Anonymous
If she gets beat to death then she���s underleveled
By Anonymous
It also can interrupt and/or stagger enemies.
By Anonymous
74 seconds, not 64
By Anonymous
dear sister where did you go
By Anonymous
"Haha, a jellyfish can't make you cry silly"
The Jellyfish:
By Anonymous
i gave my jellifish to roderika at the start of the game. can i still to the stargazers ruin thing somehow?
By Anonymous
Would've been cool if the quest to reunite them ended in an upgraded spirit ash (like summoning two jellyfish or giving it another ability)
By Anonymous
Two jellyfish but both of them share a (buffed) HP bar?
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